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shes herself, shes original, and she wants to make others as free as her.
chapter 1

I slid the vinyl out of its jacket and place it onto the old record player. When i drop the needle and hear the crackling before that first beat of a song, I go back. Back to a time where things seemed so much simpler, I never got to be there, it was years before me, but  I like to pretend im there. Somewhere back in the 70s or 80s, when the music was good, the cars were tough, and the people were free.

Im always moving, my dad likes to call us modern day gypsies, and  I kind of like it. I feel like I spread a bit of fun and mystery whereever I go. People have told me you only meet a person like me once in a life time, someone that doesnt care about the politics of being 17. Im not irresponsable, Im a good kid, I have fun, but in the way thats been forgotten. On a saturday night, Id rather be driving down a dirt road in my blue 78 mustang, youd never catch me at a party.

We mostly move to small towns, all they try to do is be like big cities. Poeple have lost there sense of self, everyone is too worried about proving themself to the next person up on the chain. Its a vicious circle I want to turn into a square. Cirlcles cut corners on life, missing the little things that make it worth living. I dont want to miss a thing, I want to see every corner of this round world, breathe a little life into it all.

Usually kids dont run to me when I walk into school, they take in my odd appearance and think I must be crazy, truth is, I probaly am a little crazy, and im proud of it. Id rather have my head work different than all these other peoples. To me, their the strange ones, a little like ants really. They all go about their jobs assigned by others and report back to the queen. Small town high schools are the worse for having queens, or 'the popular girl'. You would think itd be a bigger thing in the city, but city kids can run wild, small town kids are just like in the movies. Its kind of funny in a way, but more sad. Why cant they just be themselves?

Sometimes i like to just sit back and watch people. I have no actual intrest in their drama, I just like watching how much they do. I find it amazing how one little thing can have such an effect on so many. I can read people, ive been around just about every kind there is. I can tell what someone will think of me just by the first look they give me, and usually that look isnt a good one. Im a rock that just got dropped into the ant farm.

I blow into the left speaker of the record player, Its older than i am, and doesnt always work too great. It was my mothers, the records too, my dad has been playing them since the day  I was born. Abbey Road by the beatles was my teddy bear. People have told me I should sell it, that I could get something for it seeing as it was origonal. perfect condition too, all my records are, expically the beatles. They were my mothers favourite, my dad says im just like her.

I get up from the old hardwood floor I was laying on and spin around in the afternoon light pouring in through the window in my room. I should be unpacking, but im too excited over our new house. its an old victorian that was built in 1870 by the first mayor of Hayden Bay the latest town weve moved to. I claimed the attic room, it has a little round room on the side and the celings are 15 feet high with rafters. The house even has an old couchhouse. Everthing is origional besides the inground pool out back, my dad had that put in before we moved, he says being weightless is good for the soul.

Deciding I should at least unpack my clothes so I dont go to school in my bath robe, I start shifting boxes around. I already set up my furniture beofre, all antique of course. I hate anything new, new cars new houses new music, it has no character. I take our a pile of shirts and open the middle drawer of my dresser. The dark brown antique wood and detailed carvings of flowers wrapping around one another makes it my favourite piece of furniture. Every time I open it, I expect to get sucked into Narnia.

I hear the rumbling engine of my dads truck and run over to open the window.I try pulling the old oak frame but its stiff from the years of being shut and refuses to open. Its the same with all the windows. So I run downstairs around a small spiraling staircase, and im about to go down the flight of stairs leading to the main level, when I stop to explore the second floor. Theres a small living room with two rooms attached right ahead, and a hallway to my right.

I open the heavy oak door at the end of the hallway, it creaks, but opens. The house has been abandoned for 80 years, I was probaly the fist person to open this door in at least 70, I felt myself get a little excited when i spotted the box at the end of the room. It was big enough to use as a bathtub. I unlatched the top and stopped for a minute before opening it to admire the detail of it, it was almost as big as my hand, solid gold and had a name carved into it that I cuoldnt read.

I pushed the top open and inside I found a quilt, obvioulsy home made, it was gorgeous. I lifted it up to get a better look, but was distracted by what it was covering. This must of belonged to a woman some time ago. I pulled out four dresses, made of silk and lace, with puffy sleeves and flowing skirts, they were beautiful. The dark purple one with long sleeves, puffed at the top was my favourite. It had lace cuffs and beading covered the body of it. Under the dresses was a corset and a small jewlery box, I put everytrhing back except the box. I ran that back up to me room so I could explore it later.

Downstairs my dad was in the kitchen, I took a coffee mug out of the coubard and placed it on the copper counter top. As I opened the fridge to get the pitcher of orange juice my dad started talking, talking with my dad was always interesting.

"Excited for school monday? please make some friends, maybe a boyfriend?" He said as he wacked me on the head with celery. I dont know why he would say that, he knows i dont bother myself with boys in that way.

"Itll be interesting, thats for sure" I replied forcing a smile, I really was looking forward to monday, I already had my clothes laid out and makeup picked out. I love starting at new schools, new faces new rooms new everything, I couldnt wait to see what the people were like, what the teachers were like. But most of all, whos life  I might be able to change, make a little more fun. That was my favourite part.

My main concern when going to a new school is if anyone will actually talk to me, im not concerned of what others see me as. But everyone needs a friends or two, you cant be alone. I just dont want to be too weird for everyone.

chapter 2

I spent the rest of the weekend unpacking everything and putting the house together, and planting fruits and vegtables in our gardens.We dont buy anything if we can grow it. All our juice was fresh, our milk we got from a farm down the street. I dont think ive ever had a salad with luttuce from a store, its always fresh. Thankfully, a neighbour had been lookig after the orchard for the past twenty years, and we had pleanty of fruit trees.

But finally monday morning came. My alarm went off at 6:30 as always and  I was in gear. I pulled the curtiin on our footed antique bathtub and flew through my morning routine. i wore all my favourite clothes, old jean shorts I made from actual jeans, a vintage iron maiden tour shirt from the 80s and my worn out red converse. My hair was left down of course, your lucky if I even blow dry it in the morning.

The one thing Im liking the most about this town is the dirt roads, I roll down all my windows to let in the warm morning air. Thats a chore of course, seeing as my 30 year old car has roll down windows. Its so hot out already my bare legs stick to the hot leather seats when I get in. Georgia might have my favorite climate so far, mid October and its 40 degrees out.

On my drive to school, I put in a mix tape I had made for the drive here. The first song was my favourte, Thesumemr of 69 by Brian Adams. I cant listen to this song without singing alone, so I did. To me, this is happiness. Simple things like driving down a dirst road on my way to school, and singing along to some classic rock is what makes me happy.

I pull my car into a space at the very back of the parking lot, I cant have my baby getting any scratches or door dents. I grab my worn out brown leather bag, and sling it over one shoulder with one hand, while putting sunglasses on with the other. I watched the sky as I walked across the faded and cracked parking lot. There were hardly any clouds, and the ones that were there were like rabbits watching you. White and fluffy, but not moving an inch.

I love making a grand entrance into a new school. I put my hand on the silver door handle and pull it open. I step into an air conditioned hallway, greeted by the stares of what were now my fellow classmates. I put my sunglasses on top of my head, look around, and give a general smile to everyone in the hallway. The walls were an off-white colour, with blue lockers. It looked like a locker room in a community gym, but it was bright and open, and didn't smell like body odor and shampoo.

I start walking towards the blue sign with 'main office' printed on in in bold white font. To my left I walk past what I already can tell is the 'popular group', I gave them an extra big smile. I look through the lined glass of the office, and the young lady sitting at the front desk tells me to come in. Odd, usually secretaries are older, she seemed about 30, with long dark blonde hair, and a kind smile.

"You must be Lucinda Staffire, Heres your class schedule. Have any problems ask another student."  she said as I was handed a piece of paper, so much for that kind smile she has.

"Thanks" I say and take the paper. Im not shy, but I dont talk too much unless you talk to me like you want to. If you show intrest in me, Ill show intrest in you, that simple. Ill give anyone a chance, but im not going to bother you if your not interested.

Since I came in mid term, I got placed In whichever classes had the most room. Looking at my paper I see that I have gym first. I like gym, I like exercise in general, but mostly if its outside. Also, the gym is an easy first class to find, right in the middle of the school, like a little centerpiece. The school was a very bright place, almost like they have too many lights. The students were loud, and busy, I got cut off 4 times and ran into countless times on my way to the gym door. Everything here has a blue sign telling you where its leading you, its a bit unsettling.

I already had shorts on, so I went over to the bleachers put my bag down, and waited. I watched the gym teacher, he was a middle aged man, slightly balding and not in the best of shape. I could tell by the stern look on his face he took this gym class as serious as super-bowl training. He was setting up badminton nets and setting out rackets with that same look on his face. People need to loosen up, im pretty sure I was the only one out of the twenty people in this gym that was smiling.

He blew his whistle, and all the other students went towards him. You could tell what type they were from the way they went over. The less athletic kids walked, like they didnt care. The athletic kids did a slight run, and the popular girls talked and made sure their shorts were short enough. I never understood short shorts, some girls need some self respect. I took my sunglasses off my head and put them in the front pocket of my bag.

I stood in the front of the group, so the teacher would notice me and tell me to introduce myself. I liked talking to the whole class, so I could make a good first impression. Beside me were the pretty girls, I almost laughed wondering what I must look like compared to them to society. My natural light brown hair and freckles, next to their dyed hair and foundation covered complexion.

Finally, he called me to tell the class my name and where I was from

"Hello" I started with a smile most people would think was sarcastic, but it was genuine "Im Lucy, I just moved here from Nunavut, but im originally from California."  I got a few muttered hellos in response, an odd look from a guy in the back, and some wispers from the girls. Once again, I give them a big smile, that I think they really need.

When the teacher, Mr Grove I found out he was called, told us to get a racket and a partner and find a spot on the net, I felt a bit awkward. Thats always the hardest part, when your told to pair up, and everyone already has their friends. I love meeting new people, I just hate intruding on their groups.

It looked like i was going to be by myself on this one, but then a boy walked into the gym. The ring leader of the pretty girls ran up to him, giving him a hug. He just stood there, not hugging her back, almost resisting. i watched them as the talked, it didn't look to friendly. I  couldn't  hear what they were saying, because they were too far away, I did catch her name though, as her pushed her away and said to leave him alone, Holly, and his name was Bryden.

He walks over, red in the face from yelling, and being yelled at. He comes over to where i am, sitting next to my bag, and stands in front of me. He wasn't very tall, short compared to most other guys his age, but still seemed tall next to a 5'2 ninety pound girl.

"New?" Bryden asked without really looking at me, he was playing with something in his pocket. He looked like your average  17 year old guy, Blond hair, cut short with bangs that stuck up in the front, and bright green eyes. He was wearing an almost too tight aeropostale shirt with jeans that the store ripped for him. 

"Yeah, Bryden?" I said looking up with a smile.

"I guess you heard Princess yelling at me," he muttered something after that, i think it might of been bitch.

"She didn't seem too happy" i wasnt really interested, i was just hoping he might pair up with me so i wouldn't have to sit here like an idiot for the next hour.

"Never is. Need a partner?" He picked up a racket and walked to middle of the room where the nets were, obviously expecting me to follow, so i didn't. He gave me a weird look, like he wasnt used to girls saying no to him, it was probably good for him.

English, and math passed by in a boring blur, before I knoew it I was snapping open the lid of my vintage metal Pac Man lunchbox. You'd swear i was still in grade three, I still get my dad to pack me a lunch. Today I had a ham sandwich, Kol-aid jammer and cookies. Just as I was biting into my sandwich, I felt the bench shake from the weight of another person sitting down. I had headphones in, so didnt think much about it. Until my Right earbud was ripped from my head.

I turn myself around on the chipping blue bench and Im greeted by an unimpressed Bryden.

"What happened in gym?" He asked, looking almost confused.

"Hello Bryden" I say with a hintful smile on my face, taking a drink of blue Kol-aid. Does anyone actually know the flavors? I only know them by colours.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" he squinted his green eyes slightly as he said this.

"Bryden is your name, whats my name?" I added a bit of emphases on the 'my'.

"Wh-" He started, but I cut him off.

"You never asked me my name, thats what happened." How could he expect me to let him do that? he just walked up and said he was my partner, never even asked me my name. I dont think thats any way to make a friend.

"Im sorry?" He says as a question, for some odd reason "Whats your name?"

"Well, how kind of you to ask" I say, still smiling at him "Lucinda, but you can call me lucy"

"Lucy?" this boy didnt understand anything.

"Yes, Lucy." I say, proncing my same very slowly.

"Well, Lucy" He says, smiling back. "Can I have your number?"

I actually had to laugh at that one, I tried to cover it up by pretending to choke on my drink. Guys actually ask girls that? I thought that was only a joke, Ive never had it done to me before. Of course you have to ask somehow I suppose, but thats so blunt.

"I dont have a phone" I say, still amused by him asking.

"Oh, dont give me that"

"Im not lying, I have no cell phone, I dont think you really need one" Which was the honest truth, ive never had a cell phone, and I never want one. If you need someone, talk to them in person. Stare at a book instead of a 2 inch screen. I also have no interset in computers. Theres never been one in my house, and there more than likely never will be. I wouldnt know how to turn either on if my life depended on it.

"Okay," He said skeptically, he has the oddest facial expressions. I havent decided if  i like it or not yet. "I guess Ill see you around then" he said as he walked away. Bryden didnt seem to be too good at common conversation rules. No goodbye, nothing. I finish my sandwich as i watch him leave the cafiteria. Everyone was looking at me, I guess he was some kind of hot shot or something.

Chapter 3

I love the feeling of the hot afternoon sun on my skin, as I twirl and dance in it. Feeling the cold, fresh-cut grass between my toes, green and alive, not a care in the world. I cartwheel and dance as I sing along to The Beatles. This is one of my favourite things to do. I cant dance, and I cant sing, but it makes no diffeence. Its good for a person to just let go.

This is exactly what I was doing when the old lady from across the street came walking up the driveway with her cat on a leash. she was holding what looked like baked goods in her hand, and i could make out a warm smile from under her big sun hat.

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