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A few of my personal opinions, reasons and questions about Christianity.

Why can't you keep the innocent safe and protect the weak from the strong.
Are you really just not very powerful? Or have I been right all along?
You sit up on your high horse, look down on the world & rule it from there.
Can you not see the torment?  Help is sought from an invisible man up in the air.
Innocent people are dying in wars, yet you will not budge.
You're supposed to help and lend a hand; but all you do is judge.
You tell the world to worship you, but you give nothing in return.
Where were you when I needed you most?  You never showed concern.
I lost my faith in you at the age of twelve when you turned your back on me.
I believed in you when I was young and naive; but now I'm older, wiser & fantasy free.
My mother was kind, a Christian, too; she prayed for help to heal.
She did everything you asked of her, it was YOU who broke the deal.
Why should a mother lose her child or a husband beat his wife?
Don't say the bad comes with the good, evil is a part of life.
As Wiccans, Atheists & Buddhist, just to name a few - we got the better end of the deal.
And all the people you say will go to hell because of their lifestyle will be just fine because you aren't real.
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