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My description of worry
The woman sat down at the edge of her bed and watched in horror as the events played out over and over on the television. She reached down and rubbed her ever swelling belly and spoke softly, "Everything will be okay, little one."

Her mind was beginning to wander, playing out every worse-case scenario; preparing herself for the worst. She closed her eyes as the tears started to surge in the corners, threatening to spill over. These feelings were beginning to envelope her, consuming her inside and out. Her stomach sank and as she begun to wring her hands back and forth, the doorbell rang. The butterflies in her stomach were fluttering at full force, causing her to want to vomit. Once she made her way to the front door, she began to panic. With every step, it brought her closer and closer to her future. She could feel her heart trying to beat out of her chest as she turned the knob and opened the door.

Standing there were two police officers, one of whose eyes were turned downward. Her legs felt weak as one of the officers began to speak, "Mrs. Smith, we are sorry to inform you..."
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