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This is a discussion describing the picture of a tree
                                I am a tree

This story begins by saying that I am a tree, and am proud to be a tree.  I have big,

beautiful sprawling branches with luscious leaves coming from them.  I stand tall and

am a huge component of my environment.  I am a volunteer to my community in all

that I do.  I breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for all human beings to

breathe.  I give shelter and refuge to the forest creatures whether they be birds or

squirrels or chipmunks.  These little animals crawl up into my domain, and sit on my

branches to enjoy the day, feel the breeze or hide from the effects of the sun.  They

scurry around the branches playing, sometimes chasing each other in a game.  I am

a domain that they enjoy and I shelter them from the forest and all of the things in the

world that endanger them.  Sometimes in my community I am used as a refuge, a place

to go for comfort and shelter.  I have a friendly neighborhood cat who going outdoors

becomes scared and climbs into my branches for comfort and to hide.  Of course, her

loving owners will come to me and finding her, will take her back down, back to her

loving home for care. 

I am a place where children will come to escape and play.  Sometimes, they climb me

using my branches as steps, they climb me and then sit and gloat that they were able

to accomplish this.  I enjoy this as I love little children.  As they sit in my branches,

I whisper to them by fleeting, moving leaves to tickle their faces.  Sometimes, my

human friends will use me to help ornament their existence, by putting bird feeders

or hanging ornaments from my branches.  I like this very much as it makes me

feel ornamental, kind of like one feels when they have a new pair of earrings to wear. 

Of course, not all is well at all times in life and sometimes things happen that we do

not enjoy or want, but it is the way of the world.  Sometimes, the winds will whip

and the storms will come and that can cause breaks to my branches and limbs.  My

leaves are pulled from my arms like an amputation, and thrown to the ground in a

treacherous episode.    But as I stand tall and am healthy and strong, I will grow new

leaves to replace those that were lost and I will heal the places where my limbs were

broken.  Once again, I will be fine and will be able to resume my life as king of the

woods, ruler of the exterior world.

Another thing that happens in my world is that I am used as a marking or as a way to

find things and places.  Humans will say, “come to the yard with the big, beautiful oak

tree and pull into the yard”.  Or, it will be known that the big tree stands behind the

church and can be seen for miles and miles away.  Children have trees in their yards

and as they grow, so does the tree.  The tree grows taller and wider and closer to the

sky and they grow along with it.  Humans love to take pictures and in many families,

a tree is used as a backdrop for their yearly activities and holidays.  So I am able to

share in their joys and holidays and since I am the place where the family picture will

be taken. 

Sometimes things happen that I do not like or enjoy but unfortunately, my ability to

share these with the world is limited as I am not allowed to open my lips and speak

my mind.  Sometimes, I will have a young person come and carve something into

my trunk which is painful but also disfigures me.  Sometimes, a couple will come and

use my trunk to carve their initials, showing their undying love.  Sometimes, I will have

a target hung to my limbs or trunk and a person shoots the target and my body is injured

with bullets as they pierce my bark and go deep into my tissue.  All of these things are

painful and I bleed sap and my exterior is injured.  No one gives me a bandaid or comes

and puts lotion on me or give me an antibiotic to make me feel better.  I reach deep into

myself and begin the healing process to heal my limbs and regrow the areas that were

injured.  Years later, those same, callous humans come back and look at their carvings

and laugh, and giggle about what they did all those years ago.  I am angry and want

to tell them what they did was unkind, but I am not allowed to share that with them.

Another episode that can happen is that sometimes,  a local dog will come and be

beneath my trunk and will walk around the trunk sniffing and looking.  Then he will

lift his leg and urinate on me, as a way of marking territory.  There are weeks where

I have a million dogs doing that to me and I just want to escape and go somewhere to

shower and wash all that off me.  Again, I cannot do this, so I just wait until the next

shower and I pray that it washes me clean and then the sun dries me off.

Of all these things that happen, I continue to be a fortress in my community and am

alive and experiencing all these things and sharing with my humans.  Overall, I am

happy and do not mind the negative things that happen, as for the most part, my life

is good and I am happy overall.

Once a year, as the seasons change, my leaves begin to turn beautiful colors of

gold and orange and then they begin falling from my limbs, onto the ground.  Over a

month or so period, I am stripped bare and am left being just a towering statue of what

my usual green, leafy state is.  I do not mind this yearly shedding of leaves, as for me,

it is a rest, a time to rest and rekindle and think of my life.  Almost like a polar bear

who hibernates all winter, in the winter my life is much more calm and boring and I

am not used by my community like I am the rest of the year.  By the time spring comes,

I am ready again to be the pillar of the world.  My leaves begin to grow back and I

stretch my limbs toward the sun and begin my days in the eye of the community.

So as I began my story, I am a tree and I love to be a tree, am proud of my heritage

and happy to embark on the life that I live.  Forever and ever, amen, as we end all

of the prayers of our life.

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