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by Keltic
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Dark · #1750519
A princess is rescued from her tower just to be imprisoned once again by someone unlikely.

Date : February 18th - My birthday.
Location : Still locked in the tower...

Dear Diary,
Dad says that I'm in this tower for my own good. He also says that I can't try to escape, because the dragon will attack if I do. Mom says that Prince Charming will soon come to rescue me. Its my birthday today, so I hope I'll get lucky...

Delicate fingers dropped the feather onto the small wooden desk. They ran over the ticks that covered them. It had been three years since Princess Zyena had been locked in this tower... That meant that it was February eighteenth. Her birthday. The fingers drifted over to gently hitch up the satin baby-blue dress she wore. The gold lacing shimmered and caught her eye. She sighed, sweeping across the cold stone tower. A small fire bloomed in the fireplace in the corner. Zyena moved over to it, placing her hands near it, palms up. A large crimson rug with gold trimmings lay by this fireplace, and so she sat on it, prodding at the fire with the iron poking stick. A drew-out sigh escaped her full, pink lips. The millionth sigh so far.

Chapter One

Finally, Zyena glanced out the window of her tall, tall tower. She caught a glimmer of pure, midnight black, and heard the far off clip-clop of horse's hooves. She looked out further, her navy blue eyes desperately searching. She caught a glint of gold, and the sheer shimmer of a silver sword. Her prince charming had finally arrived! Zyena laughed brightly. Finally! After all these years, she'd be free! It was only around ten to fifteen minutes until the dying shriek of the huge red dragon that guarded her tower rang out, and the triumphant whinny of her prince's horse followed soon after. He'd defeated the dragon! Now he had to only climb the steps up to her tower.
A handsome, tall, muscular man who looked to be about twenty-two swept through the window of the tower. His emerald eyes scanned the room until he found the strikingly beautiful princess lying in her bed. He swept the white curtains back, leaning down to press a soft kiss to her lips.
Zyena's eyes opened. She looked at the prince, then smiled gently. He took her hand and pressed a kiss to it, before pulling her up into a sitting position. "Finally thy have been rescued. Thou art a kind and noble soul, obtaining of the highest bravery. Thou might speak thou name?"
The prince smiled. His eyes sparkled. "Andreis. Prince Andreis." he replied. "Thou must beith the beautiful Princess Zyena?" To this, Zyena nodded gently. "Ah. Thou beith even more lovely in person."
Zyena giggled. "Would thouist mind sweeping me onto thy valient steed and riding off yonder away from this dreadful place?" Andreis swept her up into his arms, striding quickly down the staircase until he lifted her onto his pure black stallion. He himself swung up, as Zyena sat sideways. They rode off away from the tower, and Zyena felt a great relief as soon as it was out of sight.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1750519-So-Much-For-My-Happy-Ending