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A girl's story on how her heart has healed after the death of her father four years prior.
Nothing can describe the bond between father and daughter, no words can tell the emotions they feel when they are together. When the father is all the girl knows, then he is her world, her friend, her home. She would be happy as long as she was with him. So when a young girl witnesses her parents' divorce and is taken from her father, how can you expect her world to not shatter? She traps her soul within herself and doesn't let anyone in. She is heartbroken. Then she gets a call saying that her father died. In her old room. In her old home. In the only place she ever felt safe besides his arms. Her world. Gone...

She has scars on her wrists. She has razor blades under her pillow and in her backpack. She has nothing left. She hides under her hood, never showing her face. But that doesn't matter, her eyes are empty anyways. She hates people and doesn't trust anyone. She fights with her mom, she blames herself for his death, she hurts herself in every way. There is no hope in her eyes and no soul to keep her from death. Her heart and mind wander the land of the dead, the empty abyss, searching for the memory of her lost father. No one can saver her now...

She was an emotional wreck until she looked into his eyes. Cody. He saved her. He stole her razors and drew over her scars, kissing them as he hid them forever. He brought her back from the dead. He gave her a reason to live again. He took away her hood and filled her heart and eyes with love. He respected her and stuck by her side. He healed her. After six years of painful torture, he broke the ice around her heart and pulled her out from within herself. He loved her, cared for her, and brought peace between herself and her mother. Cody put her life back together again...

Cody and the girl healed and helped each other. On one day a year, she would remember her father and visit his grave. She never searched anymore because she had found him. In her heart, memories, and dreams. For the first time, she looked to the sun with new hope and Cody was forever by her side.
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