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Midori visits her love interest, Nico, in the hosipital, pouring out apologies.
    I carefully made my way down to the cold, tile floor and kneeled down on both knees. I took in a deep breath and observed Nico's peaceful face. I had no intention of waking him. I very lightly rested my tired arms on Nico's bed and burried my face into them. I shut my eyes tight, trying to prevent the tears from spilling. They slowly gathered in my hazy eyes, blurring my vision.
    Then I felt movement on the white bed. I lifted my head just in time to see Nico's eyes slowly open, adjusting to the dark light. My tears finally escaped, falling like raindrops from an angry cloud. My lips quivered as I tried to speak, but the tears were the only things that came out. I wasn't sure if my crying was a form of relief or a form of sorrow. My guess was both.
    Nico looked at me, his eyes mourning because of my sorrow. He was in here because of me.
    "What's wrong, my love?" Nico asked me, always too kind. There he was, lying in a hospital bed and he's worried about me?
    I ignored his question and gathered myself together so I could speak. "How are you feeling?" I asked him, my voice almost silent.
    "Better . . .," he said and let his voice trail off to nothing and looked at me with those brilliant dark, black eyes.
    A moment of silence passed us. Tears soaked my small face and my lower lip was still quivering. My breathing was heavy on this cold night. The small room was filled with darkness as the cold breeze swept across the room. The upper half of my body shivered.
    Nico then slowly sat up and proped up some big, white pillows. Then he leaned forward to reach for my under arms and gracefully pulled me up onto the small bed. I felt like a small child who had ran to her parents' room at night because she had a nightmare. I let more tears fall out. I lay down next to him, resting my head on his chest. As I breathed in his all too familiar warm, sweet scent, he tried to hush my crying. My tears fell on his white hospital shirt. We lay still for just one moment, not saying anything. I had never heard silence this loud before. If it weren't for Nico, I would have bursted out into a loud shriek. I couldn't take this quietness.
    I turned my head slowly to look up at him with  my foggy eyes. Determined to break the silence, I said, "Remember when you asked me what I thought about at night?" My voice, soft and gentle.
    His eyes narrowed in confusion and he nodded.
    I let out a quick and shakey sigh. "I'll tell you,"  I paused for a moment, my eyes were searching the room, as if they were looking for a script. Then my eye found Nico's again. My eyes had never been more sincere before. "I'll tell you something," I continued. The tears came pouring out again. "I think of you." I inhaled deeply, hoping that it would calm the tears. My effort was a waste.
    Nico looked like he was about to cry with me. He shook his head, struggling to accept my answer even though he knew that it was the absolute truth. He wrapped his arms around my head to pull back my tangled hair to kiss my forehead. His lips, full of life and warmth, calmed my troubles.
    It was very late in the night. I could have stayed in his warm embrace forever. I wanted to capture this moment and hold it for eternity. But eventually my eyelids grew heavy and drooped over, canceling my vision. And as I cried myself to sleep, Nico only held me tighter.
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