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The Latest Scientific way for making a Corn into POP-Corn.
We have heard and observed many facts in science by which people get amazed. For instance we say often "Is Egg an Living or Non-Living ". Some people say it is Living while others say Non-living. An Egg is actually Living but many people does not know this fact or its reason. It is because Egg is actually Zygote when a Female bird gives an Egg, Its Dormancy Period gets activated, when it is hatched, it takes its suitable condition for breaking Dormancy and further reaction/process begins....

There are so many facts of Science but i am going to tell you a latest and new interesting fact that "How can we make a Corn into Pop-corn without keeping it on fire or heating it.". We will take a dry Corn and Eight Cell Phones with inserted Sim-Cards working properly. We will place th four cell phones in such a way that they make the shape of Square and also each back-side of phone is towards the opposite back-side of another phone, it is necessary to keep the back-sides of phones facing innerwards because its Network Antennas will remain opposite to one another.

Now we will place the corn in the centre of Square that was made by four cell Phones, it must be equidistant from the phones about 10 centimeters far from the Corn. Now call these four cell phones simultaneously from other four cell phones. The Phones must be in both Vibrate and Ring Mode. Wait for about minute, the corn will get changed into Pop-Corn.

The fact is that the Elecric and Magnetic Field inside Square will change the direction of particles inside Corn continuously and they will collide one another, heat inside Corn gets produced continuously and ultimately it will change into POP-CORN
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1751039-POP-Corn-Make-POP-Corn-Without-heating