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still working on this. But im open to any comments on it.
December 15, 2012, 12:32 a.m.
Earth has now gone into War World three. North Korea has invaded South Korea, and since, America has signed a defensive treaty with South Korea. America had to send in troops to help them, but America has troops all over the world. We’re still fighting the Iraq war, we’re helping France fined off the invading Germen’s, we’re helping Britain with their natural disasters same thing with Chile, Austria, and Toronto. And we’re also helping “Old Russia” to fight off the now proclaim “New Soviet Union”. So we have American troops everywhere but here. So are new President issued a Draft… America’s most hated thing. My name is Tyler Nieary Thompson, I’m eighteen years old, I’m also a senior in high school, the captain of the football team, dating the most beautiful girl in the world; Kathren Marie Johnsten, and I’m going to Basic Training on July, 11, 2012, to become a Marine. No one knows about that expect my best friend. She knows everything about me, and I know everything about her. When I told her about me going to the Marines, she didn’t want me to go, she was scared of me dying… But over time she said “Ty, this is what you want to do… and I’ll support you on it. Just promise me you will come back, promise me you will see me graduate from LSU.” I couldn’t think what to say at the time but “I promise.”
(War isn’t meant for everybody)

December 15, 2012, school first hour, 8:35 a.m.
“Mr. Thompson… Mr. Thompson… Mr. Thompson. Mr. Thompson!”
“I’m a wake Mrs. Kelly…” God she always wakes me up on the days I have no sleep!
“Then answer this question Mr. Thompson. What was the name of the invasion of Normandy Beach?”
“It was called D-Day, the greatest amphibious attack in history. Are governments at the time I think had to reschedule the attack three times because of the tides. It might’ve taken up to three months to capture and to get a foot hold in Normandy. After that we cut off Germanys supplies and they slowly went down from there. On are west coast Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on I think December 7, 19 something. At first we were getting are butts handed to us, but after a while we made the “boys”. We dropped “Small Boy” on Osaka, and the Jap’s still fought us even after we offered them to surrender. Then we dropped “Big Boy” on Hiroshima, and they still fought us! But a couple of days later they released they were going to lose, so they surrendered to us, and we won.
“Well class, it looks like jocks do know some things besides sports after all. Tyler see me after class.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Psssp Ty.”
“What’s up Keles?”
“Take this and pass it back, it’s from Alex.”
(Never judge a book by its cover)
Note from Alex and me, 8:37 a.m.
Tyler you look like crap. What’s wrong??
Haven’t slept since Friday… I got a letter from the Marines. They want me to go to basic in 2 Weeks.
OMG!?! You serious?
Yeah I’m dead serious.
You defiantly have to tell someone now…
No! I can’t, I don’t want anyone to worry about me.
Well I’m going to be worrying about you, remember you promised me a dance at prom.
That’s true I did. When is it?
Ummmm… it’s April 15.
Alex… I’m sorry… but I’m going to be gone. But I’ll dance with you at prom one way or another.
You promise?
I promise, you with my life.

After class 8:40 a.m.
“So Mr. Thompson, explain to me that you answer that question correctly, but sleep eighty-five percent of the time in my class?”
“I’m a huge war buff, anything about the military or things happening in the world today.”
“I see. Are any of your family members in or we’re in the military?”
“Yes ma’am. My dad was a Navy Seal, my mom was a Navy coreman, my older step brother was in the 1st Calvary unit in the Army, my grandfather was a pilot in the Air Force, my cousin Josh is a Green Brete, my cousins David and Jake are Army Ranger’s, and my Uncle David was a Admiral in the Navy. Why you ask Mrs. Kelly?”
“You just seem to know a lot about are military. You ever thought about joining the service?”
“No ma’am.”
“Why not Tyler?”
“I want to go to college and play football. Then become a gym teacher.”
“Ohhh okay. What’s your opinion on the war?”
“With all due respect Mrs. Kelly. You shouldn’t be asking that question, and it’s none of your business on what’s my opinion on the war.”

Eating lunch 11:15 a.m.
Dang! Some teacher’s need to mind their own business, asking students about their family history, about their views on thing’s that doesn’t protean to them! God I can’t wait to get out-
“Hey bro catch!”
Of here!
“Who the Fuck threw the football at me!”
“Bro calm down… What’s on your mind?”
“He’s just pissed because I fucked his girlfriend last night.”
“Take that back Traver!”
“No you’re just a lousy Marine. A no good meat shield. A pussy that fights’s other people’s wars!”
“You Fuckin’ Bitch!”
“Tyler get off him!”
“Damn this is going on YouTube!”
“Come on Chris get Tyler off him!”
(Choose your fights wisely)

Principal’s office, 11:58 a.m.
“Mr. Thompson you do know the school rules? Don’t you?
“Yes sir I do. I am responsible for the fight, and I’ll take the punishment that is at hand.”
“Some people clam that Trevor instigated you. Is this true?”
“No sir.”
“You’re not trying to stick up for Mr. Jones are you?”
“No sir.”
“Alright Mr. Thompson, by the looks of Mr. Jones. I’m going to have to give you ten days of out of school supposition, and it takes infect of tomorrow.”
“Yes sir, have a good day.”
“Oh Mr. Thompson. Come in tomorrow to finish taking your exams. And you too have a good day.”
(Taking responsibility is the first step of everything.)

Walking the halls to class, 12:25 p.m.
Why are people looking at me differently…? They look scared of me… How bad did I hurt Traver…? I don’t even remember what I did… I must have blacked out again. That’s been happening a lot lately. I only black out on the days I have no sleep. I dunno if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I have to get it under control soon. Like real soon.
(Everybody is afraid of everybody.)

Fifth hour, 12:27 p.m.
“It’s the “Fighter”!”
“That’s enough Susan. Where’s your pass Tyler?”
“Right here sir.
“The principal’s office? Why we’re you their?”
“Thought you would’ve heard about it now Mr. Smith…”
“Nope, but I guess I will sooner or later. Back to the equation. I want all of you to find x. What’s 5x+225=823? Then use your answer to find out what the inflation rate is, the other number is 95.67.”
Wow. This is really easy. I really don’t like this class, it’s full of dumbasses expect some people. Like Keles, Anthony, Hunter, Kadi, and even James when he’s not high as the clouds, are the only smart people in there.
“Got it Mr. Smith.”
“Ohhh good, what is it then Tyler?”
“It’s 18.8%.”
“Nope. Wrong but you’re very close.”
“Got it again Sir, it’s 18.7%.”
“Now, now Tyler let your fellow classmates work it out.”
“Mr. Smith?”
“Yes Susan?
“I don’t feel comfortable with Tyler in here…”
“Now why is that? Tyler is a nice young man. I would like to know your reasoning.”
“There’s a rumor going around saying… that he’s going to kill everybody in here!”
“Is this true Tyler?”
“No sir. She and everybody else is afraid, because I sent her boyfriend to the emergency room. Now I’m done with my work, and the bell is about to ring. Anything else you want to know?”
(Never believe anything without knowing the facts.)

Sixth hour, 12:36 p.m.
“Hey Mr. Nevlley. How you doing?”
“Doing good Ty. Heard what happen today… just take it easy for awhile. You guys have an assembly in a little bit.”
“Sweet! What kind of assembly?”
“I think some military recruiters are here to offer ya’ll some scholarships to their colleges. Or something like that, I really don’t know.”
“Thanks Nevlley.”
Dang... This day cannot get any worse...
“Tyler, what happen at lunch? I mean the whole school is talking about it. I don’t want to believe it… so that’s why I’m asking you.”
“Don’t wanna talk about it Alex. I can’t believe you told someone! You promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone! Who else knows?”
“Look I’m sorry Tyler… I just couldn’t keep it in me any longer…”
“You didn’t answer my question. Who else knows?”
“The whole school by now… I’m so sorry…Please forgive me?”
“No… I’m sorry but I can’t. I trusted you with a secret and you told everybody. Good bye Alex…”
(Trust is the key of life, lose it, and you may never get it back.)
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