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Same as Call to Arms - Chapter 1
“Wow. That was quick. Xiu Zen, is that file transfer ready?”
         “Almost… Almost… Now. File transfer is complete. We’re ready to pack up and go.“ Turning to the five infantry soldiers who had just dropped into their location, Xiu Zen asked, “How much weight can you guys carry up?”
         “Not much, why?”
         “Because we need to get all this shit back up there and loaded into one of the supply ships you guys came in with.”
         “I see. How much do you guys have?”
         “We have four air-drop containers, a couple of control boards, and about six months worth of supplies,” Anthony listed, and, glancing at the unconscious man on the floor, added, “and him.” He gestured toward him. “HVT. Too much trouble to keep alive, but too important to kill.”
         “I see. I’ll see if I can’t scramble a cargo ship to drop in here for you guys. We’ll hook up some cables and start getting this stuff out. But, first, we need to get you three out of here. Hook him up first,” instructed the infantryman. “Then hook yourselves up to our fast-ropes. Give ‘em a tug and our buddies up there in the drop ship will haul you up.”
         “Alright. Don’t forget anything,” Anthony reminded, starting toward the unconscious man and picking him up. After quickly attaching a harness to him, they hooked him up to a rope, gave it a quick tug, and watched as he rose up, limp, toward the drop ships rear. Anthony and Xiu Zen hooked themselves up to the ropes, gave another tug, and followed the man right up.
         Peering down through the hole, Anthony saw the infantrymen all starting to get equipment readied for lifting.

         Hong Kong looked very different from when they initially started their mission. The city in the immediate area around them was decimated.
         “Thank god we got to see the city before all of this,” Xiu Zen commented.
         “I hear that. We should go let that pilot know what’s going on. I’ll be right back,” Anthony said disappearing into the drop ship.
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