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Not sure what this is.. just an idea I had... a RAW work in progress... Not sure..
Knight in Shining Armor Complex

I believe that perhaps this would be a good diagnosis to have, especially
during this time of year

I could be infected with a burning desire to;

Purchase flowers for no occasion, delivering them to the door of my fair
maidens castle.
Throw my coat over puddles, keeping m'ladys' beautiful, dainty feet clean
and dry.
Drive for hours to just do my fair damsel's laundry, freeing her from
captivity in the Maytag tower.
Rescue the fair maiden from the terrible jaws of the Dragon of housework.
Write random works of poetry at the perfect moments, then recite them from
the saddle of my brave horse.
Cook creative, delicious meals just because it's Tuesday,delivering them in
the royal dining hall with pomp and circumstance

but mostly... I'd like this disease.. for it would provide me the chance to;

Love the fair maiden with all my heart.

I think I'd like that disease.. yes.. I think I'd like that very, very much.
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