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And how did Cupid get his name?
"Daily Flash Fiction Challenge" winner on 2/15/11

Prompt: Use the words Cupid, love and heart in the story.

WC: 300

While Venus nursed her newborn child, the beaming father stood near by anticipating Jupiter’s arrival.

“Will Jupiter bless our child, Mars?” Venus asked.

“How could he not? Our son is a god and blood of his blood.”

Mars took the baby from his wife’s arms, held him above his head and proclaimed, “I will call our son Promitto.”

As Jupiter approached; he overheard the proclamation.

“Excellent choice, Mars, from this moment on Promitto will be known as the ‘god of promise’.

With the passing of time, Venus dressed her son in the finest linen and lavished him with love, while Mars taught him the ways of the gods, but was soon disappointed when he realized that Promitto made promises he couldn’t keep and often played childish pranks.

When Jupiter learned about Promitto’s adolescent behavior and false promises; he summoned Mercury. “Go to the house of Mars and tell him to bring Promitto to me.”

Mercury did as he was commanded and quickly delivered the message.

An angry Jupiter ripped Promitto’s garment from his body. “From this day forth you will always be naked, will never grow old and your name shall be Cupid.”

The boy protested. “I don’t want to be naked,” he cried.

Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, placed a bow and quiver of arrows in Cupid’s arms.

Mars stepped forward. “He is only a child and knows nothing of war.”

“This bow and quiver of arrows are not tools of war, Mars. Your son is now the god of desire. Cupid … I command you to go into the midst of mortals and pierce their hearts with arrows. Once this is done they will be overcome with love,” Jupiter declared.

Cupid nocked an arrow, pulled the string back and aimed at Jupiter’s heart.

Cupid’s first shot missed its mark.

Note added after contest: Promitto is Latin for promise.

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