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What are Aliens? Is it true there are living creatures from another world?
In law we say an Alien is a Person residing in one country while remaining a citizen of another. Aliens don’t possess such political rights as Voting and holding Public offices. They seek permission to enter on certain specific grounds. But in another definition; an Alien is a living being from another world in the Universe, but who says it? “There are living creatures from outer World”. Who has seen them? “Have Astronauts seen Aliens? Who has penned-down the word ‘Alien’ in the “Dictionary” or in “Impossible Science?”

No one in the world whether Astronauts or common man or religious has seen an Alien, even their shadows has not been seen. It is just an Imagination that there are Aliens living in the outer world. Scientists have even not seen the complete structure or even learnt the complete knowledge of our own galaxy, the how can they see the living creatures from outside our galaxy.

In earlier editions of science books there were penned-down only nine planets in our galaxy revolving round he sun but in new editions scientists write there are thirteen planets in our galaxy, then why they not proved it, how extra four planets were appeared. Scientists tell there are millions of stars in the sky and also tell they are infinite/countless, but if they have told they are in millions, it means they are Countable. So it is only an imagination. We will now shift back to our own topic of aliens.

The fact of aliens is an imagination. Scientists are imagining that aliens exist, they may be Supernatural or they may have Superpowers, that human being can’t have. There brain may be 100times fast and accurate than humans. They may be more technologically developed. Scientists have only seeked out 10-12% from the whole universe, while other is mystery.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1752135-Discovery-of-another-world