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Mina goes to Korea to become and idol star. But she didn't expect to find love.
Shooting Star

By Yokoyin

Character Names:

Main Girl: Mina Chang(Shooting Star)
Main Guy: Onew Lee(SHINee)

Supporting Characters:

Key Kim(SHINee)
Jonghyun Kim(SHINee)
Minho Choi(SHINee)
Taemin Lee(SHINee)
Hyoyeon Kim(SNSD)
Cho Jang(Shooting Star)
Sundae Park(Shooting Star)
Chung-Hee Kwon(Shooting Star manager)
Jin Choi(SHINee's manager)

Scene 1:

*Mina stands in front of SM Entertainment Company, and looks up at the building.

Mina: *Sigh, This is it. I'll work hard to make my dream come true. HWAITING!

*Mina walks inside the building.
*Mina's eyes are wide open as she looks around the inside of the building.
*A man around his late 30's walks up to Mina.

Man: Hello, I am Kwon Chung-Hee.  I am your manager, we have met before in the

Mina: Oh yes, Hello. (90 degree bow)

*Chung-Hee Nods.
Chung-Hee: Follow me.

They walk into a conference room, where there are 2 other girls in there. One with
a ponytail, and one with short hair.

Chung-Hee: Have a seat. (points to the chair next to the girl with a ponytail.)
I will be right back, so please wait. (leaves the room)

Girl with ponytail: Hello, I'm Jang Cho.

Girl with short hair: And I am Park Sundae.

Mina: Hello, I am Chang Mina.

Sundae: What year were you two born? I'm 1990.

Cho: I'm 1990 too! (smiles at Sundae)

*Sundae smiles back.
Sundae: What about you Mina?

Mina: 1989.


Mina: I guess so.

Sundae: I always wanted an older sister. You guys think we are gonna work together?

Cho: Maybe, that'll be cool if we are. I don't really know anyone here.

Sundae: Me too. I'm from the US.

Cho: Me too! Which state?

Sundae: California.

Cho: Me too!! We have so much in common! What about you Mina?

Mina: Wisconsin.

Cho & Sundae: Wow.

Cho: Thats rare for koreans to be in Wisconsin.

Mina: I'm not Korean.

Cho: But isn't your last name Chang?

Mina: Yes, but there are other race with that last name too. I'm Hmong.

Sundae: What's that??

Mina: A minority race that doesn't have a country. (looks away)

Cho & Sundae: Oh...(raising their eyebrows)

*Chung-Hee walks in the room with 6 other people. And they all take a seat around
the table. After everyone is seated, Chung-Hee stands up. Looking at the other 6 people.

Chung-Hee: Let me introduce everyone, our new future group. This is Jang Cho,
Park Sundae, and Chang Mina. You will be taking care of them and their training.
(turns to the girls) And Let me introduce these 6 people. (points to the chubby
lady) She is the assistant manager. She will be taking care of you, and living with
you in your new dorm. She will guide you to your designated places, tell you what you
should and shouldn't eat and helping you with your korean, Mina. Next, (points to a
taller lady, with frizzy hair) she will be your make-up and hair sylist. But that won't happen
until after your training. Then(points to the tall bald man) he will be your choreographer.
He will take care of your dancing, but feel free to add some of your opinions.
Then we also have, (points to the shorter man) your singing teacher. He will help
train your voice and help write your lyrics. Most of the songs, you are going to be doing
will be written by you. You will prove to have more talent if you do that. He will
help, of course and teach you. Then we have this beautiful lady. ( points to the
lady with sunglasses.) She will be your fashion stylist. She will design all of
your outfits, so she will need your measurements. And lastly, we have our PD director.
(pointing to the man with a weird looking jacket.) He will be taping you more in
the future of your activities. But you have not debuted yet, so don't worry about that
for now. Girls, from now on, you will be going through tough training, and I mean
tough. So right now, if you don't feel up to it, the door is right there. We need
you girls to work hard and do your best. And let me tell you, you will be stress out
but it'll all be worth it in the end. Now put in all your efforts, we want to see
some new stars! Make all of our dreams come true!! HWAITING!!

Everyone: HWAITING!!!

Scene 2:

*at dancing studio

*Onew walks into the dancing studio, but looks at the window and
finds a girl already in there, dancing to a hip hop song. She looks really
experienced. And her dancing is really smooth.

Onew: (Thinking) Who is she??

*Onew opens the door. And the girl turns around, shocked. Onew smiles. The girl goes
towards the boombox to turn off the music. And face towards Onew.

Onew: Hello. (smiling and then does a 90 degree bow)

Mina: Hello. (90 degree bow)

Onew: Who are you? (taking out his hand)

Mina: Mina. (shakes his hand)*looking at him, wearing a white tank top, and navy sweat pants.
Mina: (thinks) Wow, he's handsome, and he has a nice smile. Wait, why is my heart pounding
so fast?? LOOK AWAY!!

*turns around, and grabs her sweater.

Mina: Who are you?

Onew: I'm SHINee's leader Onew! *Sticking his hand up, and smiling.

*Mina raises an eyebrow

Onew: Each group has a different way of introducing themselves. (*still smiling)

Mina: I see.

Onew: So what are you doing in here?

Mina: Dancing.

Onew: Are you a new trainer?

Mina: Yes, why?

Onew: You are suppose to use the room next door to practice. lol. But its ok if you are
here too. *smiles

Mina: Sorry.

Onew: It's ok. (smiling)

*Mina grabs her water bottle and cds.

Mina: Well I'll give you back your room now, Bye.
*Mina heading towards the door.

Onew: You don't have to leave yet. Are you Korean? Your korean sounds funny.

Mina: No, I'm not Korean, bye. *closes the door.

Onew:(smiling) Weird girl.

This is what I have so far. If you want me to continue please tell me what you think so far and I'll write more down. I want to see what people think of the beginning first before I continue. I'm just a beginner so forgive me for this immature writing.

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