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by sarah
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I don't really know if im a good writer. I'm just looking for some honest feedback.
    These thoughts, they are surrounding us. Sometimes it's hard to take a breath, when we've got nothing left, absolutly nothing... We turn to things less thought of. Those unspoken little ideas that twinkle in our minds. Dancing, as if they were our friends. Welcoming us in, when we should be walking out. Yet deep down we feel the shame. The hurt. The pain. It floats inside our shattered hearts. Trapped. Unable to escape as if it were a bird within a cage.

    But we all know how it goes. We fall, we rise, and one day, not far from now, we will shine. We will come out on the otherside. And when we do, we will be strong, and more faithful. Our dreams will shoot highter and our spirts will soar. Our lives will change, from the inside to the out. After we have cried all of our teardrops, every last one, things will begin to brighten. And we will be left there, just sitting, wondering why God allows us to travel down this path. One day we will look back and see just how much our traumatic problems have changed us. But the real question is how it will change us. Will it strengthen you? Or will you let it demolish you? Defeat you? Rip you apart?

    I swear, if you'd just take my hand. If we must travel down this road of mistakes and troubles, why should we EVER do it alone? We've got eachother and thats all we'll ever need. We are fearing that if we try to stand, we will fall. But if you really stop and just think about it, we wont. If we have another shoulder to lean on, another soul to cry to, another hand to hold, we may shake in the knees but I promise you we will never touch the ground. As long as you've got me and i've got you, we will stand above ground level. We will fly, through the highest of clouds. Soaring through this crazy thing we call life. All because of this miracle we call friendship.
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