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Something in a photo that raises curiosity.

I knew something was wrong in that photo.
Holding my breath I dared not venture a guess.
Seated in his favorite  arm chair
My young brother portrayed a sense of dismay.

His eyes held a distant stare
Looking off to who knows where.
A high school student with a heavy heart
His intensity was unexpected.

That look escaped me on Christmas morn,
When the photo was taken.
On reflection, it was my own excitement
That kept me from his reality, whatever that was.

Where was his teenage swagger?
Where was that football charm?
The world had been his playground,
But in this photo, something was wrong.

It left me feeling uneasy
As I approached  him this day.
But, we were always  close enough
That our conversations came easily.

I swollowed hard, laying  my fears before him.
He listened then slowly turned away.
It was as if he held a bag of stones on his shoulders
Heavy, as he walked across the room.

What is it that is weighing on your heart.
What is bringing your spirit down?
Tell me and  let me lighten your burden,
Allow me to walk with you.

He turned and it was clear to see
The glisten of a tear on his cheek.
Uncomfortably, He drew in his breath
Then told me, “I’m going to be a father.”

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