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This is the 6th writing assignment for my Comma-Kazi class.
"Hey, butt brain, that's my bench," Ludia shoved Samdy down on the ground, "and you know it."

He stood and dusted his pants off. "You don't own the park!"

An energy ball formed from her palm that had a blue glow. "Yes, I do." She threw it and hit him on his arm.

While he held out his fingers, his eyes widened, and bright sapphire lasers flew from them. Ludia's black wings popped out, and she jetted up in the air. However, one of them still hit her foot.

After drifting back down, she marched up to Samdy and breathed a small, red stream of fire toward his face.

Samdy hid it by putting his hands in front of it. "Ahhhhh, stop it!" He dashed under the bench.

After each time she blew the flames, Ludia huffed in frustration every time he cried.

She peered down at him. "It's almost hard to believe you're a faerie. You seem almost human." A pointed, red tail grew from behind her, and Samdy ran out the other side.

While her tail went back into her body, Ludia took off her hot pink backpack and sat down. As she opened it, Ludia grabbed a pencil, notebook, and envelope. She tore out a sheet of paper and began to write.

November 15, 2009

Dear Kathy, Jackie, and Maddie,

First off, Maddie,  I would like to say that I really enjoyed the fried sugar human skins your nanny Marta made for us. By the way, isn't she about ready to pop? Who's the baby's daddy? Is it Principal Everhart or Deputy Lewis? Wouldn't that be a mix? A half vampire faerie/half ghoul or phantom. Let us know what you find out.

Did y'all hear about the English teacher, Jessica Thomas, who's getting too friendly with Principal Everhart? Who would want to go near him? He's ugly and sweats. He's so gross.

Hey, Jackie, did you know that your mama wrote a letter to my mommy? I think your Mama likes my Mommy way too much. I don't meann in a BFF sort of way either.  I read that note. It was nasty. You need to keep an eye on her.

I still don't understand exactly why Marianna St. Ives ungraciously turned against everyone and decided to help humans. She won't give up helping those trashy people.  It in fact makes me shake my head why she would do such a thing.

Kathy, why is your Daddy going out in the woods all the time?  You know where the trashy werewolves live. Your Mama goes out there sometimes too, but your parents never go at the same time.  Werewolves and those halfbreds are such country bumpkins. I've heard my parents say something about them being wild in the sack, whatever that means. Maybe they're good at sack racing.

Have y'all heard about a war that's going to be fought here in Deacon soon? What are we going to do? We're are only kids you know. What do we know about real fighting? I could care less about all of those lands becoming one with ours. I just want to live here in Deacon.

One day, maybe we can all, happily, breathe a sigh of relief when all of this prophecy foolishness is over.

I've got to go now. I'll place this letter under your window, Kathy. After you read it, then give it to Jackie and so forth.

Your Best Friend,


She folded the letter twice and placed it in the pink envelop. While she skipped down the street, she sang Momma's little girl loves fingers dipped in chocolate, swirled in vanilla, and rolled in blood. That's how you make sweet human fingers.

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