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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Melodrama · #1752744
A kid who shoots another out of jealosy becomes an international superstar.
The red buick was sputtering-yes, sputtering-up the drive of the school in the small town of Range, South Carolina. The kid in it was new to this school, and his name was Peter Sadiron.

His mom dropped him off and said for him not to do anything 'rash'.

He was a new kid, and for once, he wasn't bullied. The first day of school, a bully came over to him and said, "So you're the new kid?"


"I just wanted to check. Get down onto the floor, you bitch."




The bully got nearer, and Peter ran into the halls. The bully was in close pursuit.

"You can't escape me, you bastard!"

Peter opened his locker and pushed the door towards the bully. There was a snap, and the bully had a broken nose.

This stunt made Peter very popular. With most people.

There was a kid named John Tiffs. He was the previous most popular kid, and he didn't like Peter. In his mind he thought he had to be best, he had to be perfect, he had to eliminate all who beat him.

So, one night, he decided Peter wasn't right for this world, and went to an arcade.

Peter was there, and John went up to him.

John said,"What's up, pipsqueak?"

Peter said,"Nothing much."

"You're dead,"

"I am?"

"Go to hell you son of a bitch."

And with one shot of his pistol, John shot Peter in the back of the head.

He again became most popular, and then, he auditioned for a werewolf movie, which he won.

He became a superstar at 19, and was a successful movie maker. Life went on like this for John, until he decided to go into politics.

He ran to become president, and the speech that would win it all for him was his undoing.

He saw Peter in the audience.


The audience heard.

And just like that, John fell down in the polls, and he was arrested. He commited suicide in prison.

Peter had a good life, with a wife named Jean Taylor and four kids.

He used his better judgment.
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