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This is my writing assignment for my punctuation class.
Anne Everhart strolled along in a lush green meadow filled with small, pink wildflowers covering it. She held a note in her left hand and a black bag in the other. Anne glanced down at the note.

Dear Anne,

Go to the willow tree, and open the bag. Further instructions are in the bag.


Anne walked to the old willow tree in the middle of the meadow. She put the note down, peered into the bag, and found the next note. She took it out and read it.


Please take this blanket, spread it out, and I should be there soon.


Anne placed the bag down by the tree and pulled the blanket out. So pretty, red, and soft. She felt the soft material against her body as she spread it out over the ground. She strolled around the blanket as the sun shone on her blond hair. Her light blue dress flowed as gentle breezes blew. She sat down on the blanket and removed her sandals. Should I put my shoes back on? Might be running. I hope not. She grabbed them and then let them go. Anne stood and glanced around. Sally should be here soon no matter what the verdict is. A moment later, Anne heard a female's voice singing in the distance.

Here I come to the Kissing, Killing place.
Will I give the lovely lady lace
or bring a verdict of disgrace?

Here I come to the Kissing, Killing place.
Will I kiss her face
or make her run at a fast pace.

Here I come to the Kissing, Killing place.
Will I give the lovely lady lace
or bring a verdict of disgrace?

Here I come to the Kissing, Killing place.
I may have the ceremonial mace,
or you might be challenged to a race.

Here I come to the Kissing, Killing place.
Will I give the lovely lady lace
or bring a verdict of disgrace?

As the raven haired lady sang the song, she carried a wooden picnic basket. She wore a sleeveless red dress that moved to the rhythm of her hips as she pranced through the meadow. Here she comes. Wonder what's in that picnic basket? The stick or the blade awaits me. Anne slipped her feet back into her sandals and stood. She listened to Sally sing the song. Oh, Sally, hurry up! Nervous as can be already. Should I be ready to tun or stay? A moment later, Sally stood in front of her.

"Hello Anne." She opened the basket and reached into it.

Anne held her breath waiting for what would be in Sally's hand. Sally held a dark wooden stick with a round ruby on the end of it.

Anne let her breath out, sighed, and smiled. "Hi."

"You were scared weren't you, Sweetie? Sit down, relax." Sally gestured to the blanket.

"Thank you." Anne peered into Sally's sapphire eyes, and then sat down.

Sally placed the basket down and sat beside her. "This is the Grayson mace" She held the wooden stick. "The ruby's the family jewel." She pointed to the top of the stick. "Here's the family crest." She moved her finger below the ruby to a rectangle with a cat engraved in it. "Hold this while I get out the lace." She handed the mace to Anne. Sally opened the basket and took out a piece of winter white lace. "This is a piece of the lace that was used for the trim of the sealing dress you'll wear tomorrow night." She put it back in the basket.

"It's so pretty. I can't wait to see the dress."

"You'll get to try it on at the party tonight." She took the mace back from Anne. "Now, I need you to lie on your back and relax."

Anne laid back and closed her eyes. Sally leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Anne opened her eyes and kissed Sally back. Anne closed her eyes again as Sally lifted up Anne's dress.

She slipped her fingers inside Anne's panties. "Nice and smooth. You've been shaving."

Sally put her finger inside further touching Anne's clit. Anne moaned with the rhythm of Sally's touch.

"You like that don't you?" She continued rubbing Anne.

"Yes, yes." Anne began to quiver.

Sally dropped her finger down. "You're still intact. You're pure." Sally took her fingers out and smoothed Anne's dress back down. Sally leaned over and kissed Anne once again. "Sit up for me, Sweetie."

Anne sat up and smiled at Sally. Sally took the mace and twisted the top off of it. A small blade stuck out from the bottom.

"If you weren't pure, this would have been in your heart." Sally put the mace back together. "If I hadn't accepted you as my future sister wife, you wouldn't have seen the mace at all. I would've been only been carrying the family dagger. I'll show you that tonight during our private time together." She stood, grabbed the basket, and held out her hand.

Anne took her hand and stood. She folded the blanket and placed it back in the bag.

"Let's go, we have a party to get ready for tonight." Sally smiled at her.

Anne gave Sally a quick kiss, and they strolled away from the willow tree.
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