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Having a unique patterns to follow in life.Good and Bad is our choice in our personal life
" Those who listen to instruction will prosper, those who trust the Lord will be joyful" Proverbs 16:20

I continue to look at my new decisions about what I stand for and what I am going to do and what I am committed to, and the only way to change my life is to make a true decision as the " Tigress " I am today.

As they say " To thine own self be true " I forgot where I saw that from, but don't you think it's true? Sometimes we may wake up in the morning not being our own true self.

As the Tigress I strive to make things better and learn from my mistakes by being committed to change my life as I se my true decisions along the way. I do not define myself by how many times I've been knocked down in my life, especially in my professional boxing career, so many disappointments I've faced, the patterns I wanted to follow, I was so much at risk. What a way to experience and define another road of life, it's like sometimes out of control and yet I was refusing to give others rights to control me with their expectations.

Beginning to accept change for me in order to trust myself as a woman, learning to accept others as they are today is a big step for me. I realize there's no need to depend on anyone, because I do know the Lord is merciful and gracious, he fills my life with good things.

As the Tigress I begin to feel comfortable around people and putting my focus on myself and realize I have nothing to fear, nothing at all! As I begin to feel better about myself each day, I am now exposing myself to everyone and new surroundings, new friends, overall I am developing a stronger self "Self Acceptance" which allows me to experience a much more comfortable life.

I now see my strengths as well as my limitations, becoming more willing to take risk like a Tigress should.

Who am I ? Who are you ? These are the questions I may ask. These are the questions you may ask. I am sure we ask ourselves these questions each day, because we run away from the truth thats within us. We constantly lie to ourselves everyday and we CAN'T stand it!

"It is better to win control over yourself than over whole cities" Proverbs 16:32
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