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by Jay
Rated: E · Serial · Fantasy · #1753610
The love between two supernatural beings is destined for tragedy.
I was born a member of this supernatural world, but it was love that made me a part of it. Love for the rebel who taught me to resist my clan as she resisted hers, but our resistance has ultimately led us to this fatal hour. I looked into the eyes of my love, and she into mine, as we waited for the order to kill one another...

* * *

Quin couldn't help herself, and when she decided that none of her sisters were paying attention to her, she stole a glance at Alex. He is different, different like me and my sisters, but not in the same way. I wonder if he can tell that he isn't like the other kids in this cafeteria, I wonder if he knows just how beautiful he- Quin was jerked out of her thoughts when Jessica, the pack leader, dug her fingers violently into Quin's side.

"You are skating on thin ice," Jessica whispered through her teeth.

The others avoided eye contact with Quin for the rest of lunch, she could barely finish her tuna sandwich after that. She was both embarrassed by, and furious with Jessica. She couldn't understand why Alex had to be her mortal enemy, he didn't even know, thought Quin, that he was a vannryk son or that she, Jessica, and the rest were a werewolf pack. He was innocent, he wasn't like his brothers, the other vannryk sons didn't know about him yet, he wasn't old enough to tap into their psychic plane yet. If only Jessica could let me reach out to him, maybe if we interfered before the vannryk clan found out about him, he wouldn't have to be our enemy, and maybe we could be together.

Quin walked home alone, cursing Jessica under her breath, cursing her own ignorance. There was no way for her to know that exposure to the light of a full moon on her first period would make her a werewolf for the rest of her life, she was one of the unlucky few who found out the hard way.

When she looked up, Quin saw Alex leaning against a tree outside of her house. He was looking at her. She should have run away, Jessica would kill her if she were caught talking to him, but she felt a rush of teenage hubris, and decided to hell with Jessica, I couldn't control the destiny that made me what I am, but I can control my destiny as her slave!

Quin walked with assurance toward Alex and greeted him with a smile, "hello, you're Alex, right? You're in my Physics class."

"Yeah, I was wondering if you could help me with one of the assignments we have due next week."

Quin could see Alex's pupils dilate despite the bright early autumn sunshine, and her acute senses detected more than an interest in high school physics. "Sure, why don't you come inside and we'll get started right away, I'm only halfway through that assignment."

Alex looked surprised with how ready Quin was to invite him inside, even though they had never really spoken outside of class before, but it was no comparison for Quin's combination of surprise, shock, and horror at the sight of Jessica running toward them from across the street.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1753610