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How media has changed the world and how we see it.
I was born in 1990, in the land of the blazing sun.
With freedom of diversity.
Born in the country where different cultures are one.

I remember the drought, the water ways,
Low as they’d ever been.
8 years of it, of the heat haze,
Of land; dry and mean.

I waved the soldiers off to war;
To fight against our terror.
I would welcome them back with open arms,
If they’d ever let them.

I voted for a parliament that hung its self.
Upon a Ruddy arrow.
Then removed itself from parliament
To just be re-elected!

I saw the fires rage on Black Saturday
I watched as the people burned
Lives got taken, homes disintegrated,
Possessions taken, not to be returned.

When Queensland sank, the TV showed
A water wonderland.
Destroyed by rain that flowed and flowed
Rising from the sand.

For the 20 years I’ve watched our country.
One thing has never changed.
How I saw the world was programmed;
By a fricken' TV Station!
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