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Opinion concerning Global Governance
Global Governance
Larry Trickett © Copyright 2011

Over the years I have read many articles and heard many speeches about the development of a New World Order, or Global Governance.  Those who believe that a New World Order is the answer to their problems obviously do not know much about history or tyranny.

The first Global Government was Babylon, it was the first Empire, and was ruled first by Noah’s grandson Nimrod. Babylon was built out of a necessity for security.  Living in the deserts, men were exposed to the dangers of wild animals.  The people sought out Nimrod because he was the greatest of hunters and they submitted to his authority for the purpose of creating a safe environment.

Nimrod met their demands by building a walled city, with walls large enough to keep out any danger that may present itself.  Unfortunately for the people they simply traded one problem for another for Nimrod became a brutal dictator.  The people suffered through one dictator after another until one day the Empire collapsed sending the population to the four corners of the earth.

Centuries later another Global Government appeared in the name of Rome.  Though it was a Constitutional Republic it also saw many years of dictators and brutality such as the world had never seen.  Lasting a thousand years its government finally split in two, and eventually collapsed.

The following centuries give rise to numerous struggles between nations, each with an ambition that far exceeded its abilities until the circumstances in France gave rise to Napoleon.  Once again the notion of Global Governance was the theme, and millions lost their lives to serve the needs and demands of a dictator who cared for no one but himself.  Eventually, Napoleon met his match on the battlefield, and his hopes for Global Governance vaporized before his eyes.

Many years and many wars later there emerged a man by the name of Adolf Hitler who, like Napoleon before him, had a vision of conquering the world and imposing a Global Government upon all the peoples of the world.  Like before and after the loss of millions of human lives his vision of a new world was destroyed.

So here we are once more with thousands of people talking about the emergence of a Global Government, some with excitement and enthusiasm, and others with distain.  Unfortunately, it does no good to send these people to school, for they obviously do not learn their lessons from the past.  For some reason people seem to have to experience things for themselves before they can fully appreciate any situation.

Those who believe that the New World Order is a good thing should spend a little time considering some very relevant facts.  First the Government within which we live has a Constitution that governs our nation.  For those who do not fully understand the Constitutions purpose, it is the highest law in the land.  No other laws are greater than those found in the Constitution, no law can be passed that is in direct conflict with its existing articles.

Additionally, our forefathers decided to pass ten amendments to the Constitution known as the “Bill of Rights.”  Unlike any nation before it the United States granted freedoms to its people that protected them. Freedom of speech; the right to keep and bear arms; legal due process and many others.

Our politicians are required to take oaths to serve the people, to uphold the provisions of the Constitution (Law), and to protect our nation from all enemies foreign or domestic, yet it is these very same politicians who violate their oaths of office to pursue a Global agenda.  I ask you how can one take an oath to uphold a law, and then make statements like “the Constitution is an old, outdated document and we no longer pay attention to it?”

Any person who is not faithful to his Government cannot be expected to be faithful to a new one, and if they cannot be trusted to protect the old government then how can they be expected to be faithful to a new one.  These people have no character, and if I know that then you know that the people behind the push for Global Governance know it as well.  If we can’t trust them they can’t either.

These people, many of whom are Congressmen have been led to believe that they will serve in the new Global Government, but like the leaders of the Iraqi Government who were accused by Saddam Hussein of treason and summarily murdered, they too will feel the sting of betrayal after they deliver their part of the New World Order.  Think not?

For those of you who do not understand what happens to leftists, and those who betray their Country once it is overtaken I recommend you search U Tube for the videos made by ex-KGB officer Yuri-Bezmenov entitled “Secrets of Communism”

This man knows the ins and outs of taking over Governments, and he will inform you of the fate of those who help overthrow their countries once the job is done.  Like Judas Iscariot each will receive their measure of justice.

Everyone is upset over all the problems we are having in our country, but what the majority of the people do not understand is that it is all part of the plan.  You cannot justify the creation of a New World Government if the Government you have is functioning properly.  They must first destroy the Government they have to justify change.

To those who support this New World Order, and have taken an oath to serve and protect the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic I ask this question, how can you create a new Government without committing treason against the Government you now represent?  No matter how you perceive yourself you will be a traitor to your country.

They (ruling party and Corporations) get a New World Order and you get slavery.

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