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The value of soil conditioning
The Garden’s Soil

I’m at a loss of a topic for my next poem?
Should it be about the value of loam?
It is a soil with equal parts of sand, silt and clay.
It’s a fertile mixture, of that I can say.

The soil in a garden is an important factor.
Sometimes it might need the help of a tractor?
Check the ph and aerate, at least once a year,
Or your flowers may not be lush, of that I fear.

Compost is always a most valuable addition.
A substitute for fertilizer, it keeps the earth in good condition.
It can turn clay into workable soil;
But, it will take time, and a good bit of toil.

The more you know and the more you learn,
The better the chances, a great garden you’ll earn.
The real key to a great garden is the amount of toil
That you put into conditioning your garden’s soil.

The microbes and worms are really necessary,
But you could surely use the help of a garden fairy.
Luck is involved in all that you do;
Mother Nature needs to smile on you too.

LeBuert  Feb.  2011

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