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Fresh from CivKit Technologies, the latest in educational projects! Buy yours today!
All New! CivKit Technologies are proud to present the very lastest in our expanding line of Grow Your Own Civilisation sets!

The Mini-Civ, now available from all good retailers!

Each set contains the basic Seeds Of Life (tm), and your very own personalised container with self-contained heatsource and standard cycles to ensure regular, healthy growth.

Kits are hardy, and can withstand most impacts, some physical damage, and even changes in temperature - each major change may result in a setback to growth, or a whole new path of development. Will you give your mini-Civ a gentle introduction to the world, and a smooth chance to grow? Perhaps you'd like to test the options available, and explore all the paths that your kit can follow! By using some of our specially developed Path Prompters, you can change the course of your own mini-Civ as often as you like without having to start from scratch!

Includes handy Planned Obsolescence feature to prevent your mini-Civ from developing beyond the bounds of the original container!
We have a great selection of Planned Obsolescence features, with a random generation tool to make sure you get a fresh surprise every time!
Will yours have climate destruction, total war, or an all new technological mishap to face? Don't forget our Special Edition options, such as Meteor Strike or even Grey Goo!

Buy yours now, from CivKit Technologies!

Note: In rare cases, Planned Obsolence feature may result in a hardier varient of mini-Civ.
Should this be the case, immediately use the Auto-nova function to prevent the mini-civ from spreading.
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