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Let it be... Let's not commit the sin of turning our back on time....
I wish I was a singaporean. I wish I can be someone else, just for you, boy.
I wish I attended the same secondary school as you. I wish I was one of your old friends, the one you trust, the one you know, the one who can see your smile without fear.... I sigh
I wish I was in your past memories. I wish I'm your friend. I wish I knew you well, like your many friends do. I wish Buddha created me as a singaporean so that I can be your friend. Just friends.... I won't long for anything more than that.
I don't want to say that this is impossible. I just want to give it a try. Why can't I be friends with you?
If I still have a chance, I want to try next year. I hope we are still in same class. I want to build memories with you. Boy, you are fucking perfect to me.
Though I said goodbye to you so many times, you are the one who made my heart pounds, who made me shatter, who made me cry and who made me smile. You made me feel everything. You are my emotion. You are my dream. You are my soul. You are my blood. You are my heart. You are the one.
I might be feeling high now. But this is only for today, the day I saw you for the last time. Exams finished today. I at least have the right to feel high and think of you today, right? Only today...
Although you don't see my tears, although you don't know how i'm feeling, although you have somebody else in your heart, I still like you, so much. If I say I like your everything, will you believe me?
I love your cute smile. Your unique laughs. Your slim and tall body. Your voice. Your style. Your fashion. Your mischievousness. Your kindness. Your cute behaviors. Your recklessness. Your smartness. Your jokes. Your hair. Your hands. Your watch. Your belt. Your fangs. Your uniqueness. Your name. Your photos. Your videos. Your friends. Your life. You.
I sigh.....
I still remember the sweet memories I had with you. I wish those words were true, as least for that time.

But, boy, you know what?
Don't worry. I won't chase you as long as you are not mine. I'll be more than glad so long as you are doing what you like. You don't have to change a thing. I like you just they way you are.

My love for you is more than pure. Whoever you like, whoever you love, I'll be fine with it. Just go ahead. Don't even think about me. I'll be happy as long as I can see your smile, maybe from some distance.
I wonder why God created us in different countries. I wonder if you are my Mr. Right.

I know that I'll move to a western country later in my life and that I'll find my Mr. Right there, but now, I have feelings only for you. Why do I like malay guys? Who do I like you? I have no idea.

Welcome to my silly life. I don't want to believe that this is over. But it's okay. Even if it's over, then I can move forward. But I'll think of you sometimes when I see some coincidence in my life. You'll be there.

But goodbye. I know that you will find a perfect girl who loves you more than I do. So go ahead :)

But please don't forget. Even if you feel down, remember that there's a girl who liked you like hell because You Are Just Fucking Perfect.

Don't ever forget that.
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