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Near death experience, only this time it's my own
Round Trip Ticket

What a day this was going to be. I have worked all my life for the other man, but today I own my own business. I was excited yet very apprehensive. What if I can't keep enough work, I thought. I quickly dismissed this thought out of my mind. Still it was a scarey feeling, after all I had a familey to feed. I had plenty of work for today so I dove into it.

I put the phones on the answering machine, locked the office, and stepped outside. I couldn't help admiring the truck. The lettering was finished yesterday. It was a beautiful truck.

With that I headed for my first job. It was a new house being built, and I had to rough the plumbing in. I started on the first floor roughing everything into the crawl space. I'll be back another day for the tub setting. Everthing was going great, but something didn't feel right. I finished up a few odds and ends. Packed up the truck, good morning I thought, I accomplished a lot.

I pulled a sandwich out of my lunch box and prepared for a short ride. It was a small christian church, set back in the country. I had to meet one of the elders at two pm to unlock for me. I pulled into the parking lot and met the elder. He directed me to the problem. This won't take long I thought.

Suddenly I felt intense indigestion in the center of my chest. Surely one sandwich could not have caused this I thought. I finished the job and headed out, but the pain persisted. Only this time it was worse. I stopped at a small country store,and bought something for indigestion, but it didn't help. It only seemed to get worse.

Now I was getting worried.I was only a couple of miles from the hospital, so I headed that way. It seemed like hours to drive those few miles. I stopped in front of the emergency room, started in. I felt very bad by this time. I felt small clouds of blackness invading my mind. I could feel my legs going numb. I could see the ground coming up to meet me.

At times I would return from the blackness, I would catch glimpses of light that would flash overhead, as I was being pushed down the hall on a table. I saw a needle being inserted but I never felt a thing.

All of a sudden I was over to the side watching. I could see them working furiously, but I wasn't concerned. I heard some one say were losing him. I had no interest in the situation at all.

Instantly I was standing In a beautiful meadow. That seemed to go on forever. There was one large tree in the middle of this meadow. I scanned all directions but no one was in sight. I walked over to the tree. What are you doing here I said mostly to myself. I set down and leaned up against the tree, and I felt it answer me. As my body made contact with the tree. I could converse with it with no problem. Strange place I thought.

In the distance I could see a young girl walking towards me. She had blonde hair , and was very young. As she got closer she looked very familiar. "Hey" I know you, Iwent to school with you. You were my valentine Eddie she said. We were sweethearts in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Don't you remember? Of course I remember I said. Why are you so young? I've been here a long time, I've been waiting for you. Surely you can't still love me I said. Love never dies Eddie, it just transcends and you bring it with you. It's not the same kind of love here,it's better.

I could see someone else walking toward me. He had a brightness about him that would change night into day where ever he went. He arrived and seated himself beside me.

He greeted me as a father would greet his children, and I felt oceans of love pour over me. Tears of joy flowed from my eyes, and Jesus was faithful to wipe each tear away. I made it home "I cried". Not yet son. You have to go back to tell others what you have seen. I was sad to the bottom of my soul to hear this. to think I would have to go back I just got here. Jesus saw my sadness and touched my face. This tree, I created for you he said, and I will return you here when it's time.

All at once I could feel pain creeping back into my body. It was cold and the lights were blinding causing my eyes to hurt.You sure gave us a scare a voice said. I was trying to focus, but I would have given anything to go back and set against the tree again.....Eddie John

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