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Second attempt at Prose Poetry. A family tale
Transitory Tale 2-23-2011

In a family defined by poverty and discord
Four Children would suffer one more piercing blow.
An assault on an already fragile sense of security,
resulting in an unexpected peace of mind.

Surrounded by a scent of fear with shared anticipation
They looked to the eldest to lead them on.
Strength was drawn from each other
upon entering the big white house.

Their reception was one of tender understanding
by unfamiliar faces to be examined with doubts.
Absence of mother and father was apparent in their young minds.
A moment of confusion but to be a new beginning.

Strength was reinforced by the smell of apples at the front door.
It was a moment of recognition quickly passed over.
Gifts were not part of their world of deprivation and hunger,
but to each was given a new pair of flannel pajamas.

In a short time they began to trust but never forget.
Meals were now depended on.
This was never to be in their previous world.
The hungry bellies were quieted at last.

Their beds were warm and with new pj’s they slept tight.
Each night in their dreams they visited with mom and dad.
Maybe tomorrow they would go home but this was ok for today.
Playtime was blocks not cardboard boxes.

In a family defined by poverty and discord,
Four children found a temporary sense of security.
This would be a memory that would carry them for many years.
They would forever be grateful for the kindness of those unfamiliar faces.

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