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This is my final for my punctuation class.
Anne Grayson wiped the last table down, waiting for the evening shift at Delicious Desserts to begin. She yawned underneath the lights that made her blonde hair glisten. Anne walked over to the counters to check the evening inventories: breads, pies, muffins, and cakes. When the twinkling bell above the door rang out, she lifted her head to see who was coming in. A tall, black-haired man waltzed in.

Anne cried, running over to him. "Peter? Oh, Peter, is that you?"

His amethyst eyes stared deep into her emerald green ones."Yes, Aunt Anne, it's me." 

"I thought you were gone forever, but I should've known you would come back since Paige is in Deacon."

"She is...? Where's Mom and Dad?"

She turned around and ran into the kitchen. "I was surprised when I found out too. Johnny and Sally are still at the house. June's here. I'll go get here." 

A moment later, she returned holding the hand of a tall auburn-haired woman with black eyes.

June walked over to Peter. "It's been so long. I'm so glad you're back."

Peter hugged her. "Aunt June, it's wonderful to see you."

June touched his cheek. "Sally and Johnny will be so happy to see you. They'll be here in just a few minutes." 

Anne motioned for them to follow her at the table with the ruby checkered tablecloth in the back corner. "Come sit down before customers start coming in."

Peter surveyed the yellow walls while following Anne and June to the table at the back of the room.

Anne gazed at Peter. "Paige's momma died six weeks ago. She killed herself by eating phantomsbane after getting drunk. Paige has been here for three weeks living in her house."

Peter leaned on the table with his elbow. "Is Miss Blair still alive?" 

June crossed her long legs and folded her hands in her lap. "Oh, yes, and just as feisty as ever. She meddles with everything. You know she hates us ghouls and our way of life. She's kept Paige out of the bar and away from Cydia, except for the first night she was here. Miss Blair's also got your wife sober so far with Dr. Samuel St.Ives' help. I've heard she's six weeks pregnant too."

Peter gasped wide-eyed at them. "What? We've tried to conceive for years. Someone got Paige not to drink?"

Anne touched his hand. "You need to see Paige now, and come back later to see your parents. They'll be here all night." 

"You're right; I should." Peter rose from the table. "It's been great seeing the two of you."

June followed him to the door. "We're so glad you're back home, to stay I hope."

Peter had his hand on the door. "Home for good this time. Now all I have to do is convert Paige."

Anne strolled to June's side and held her hand. "There are several fine young women in the town who are eligble and more than willing. Just remember, we're here if you need help with that."

Peter marched out the door and got into his burgundy Ford pick-up. As he drove down the town square past the bar called the Blue Note, he turned right on Main Street, took a left onto Phantom Street, and turned into the first driveway on the street. How am I going to get her to understand my family's traditions? To make her see how important it is to me. After stepping out of the truck, he lurched up to the green house. When Peter knocked on the slate door, a woman with dark brown hair opened the door.

She glared at him with her hazel eyes. "It sure did take you long enough to figure out I was here."

He grabbed the door. "Let me in, Paige. I know that you're expecting."

She stepped aside. "Who told you?"

He pranced in and leaned against the wall. "Aunt Anne and Aunt June."

Paige folded her arms and shook her head. "Trying to convert me are you?"

Peter crept closer to Paige and put his hand on her shoulder. "It's not a bad thing. You'll have sisters, friends, help with the baby, and other special benefits." 

She lurched a few steps away and stared at him. "Other special benefits? Hmmm? Is that for me or for you Peter?"

Peter smiled. "For both of us." 

A plump older woman with gray hair walked into the room and stood beside Paige. "You expect her to fall into your ghoulish traditions. She doesn't believe in plural marriage and doesn't go both ways."

He smirked and shook his head. "Not what I heard. She was with Cydia the first night she was here. News travels fast."

The woman placed her hands on her hips. "She was under the influence of flies."

Peter gestured to Paige. "Let Paige speak for herself on these matters, Miss Blair."

Paige tromped over to the love seat under the window and sat down. "I don't want my child referring to some woman as aunt when she's really your other wife."

The sun shone through Blair's transparent body. "I know what ghouls are into. My granddaughter doesn't want any part of that; I don't want my grandchild exposed to your family's sick ways."

Peter pointed at her. "At least my family's on the right side of the law. Lucifer and Cydia wouldn't like to know that you're interfering with my marriage."

Blair shook her head. "They could care less about you ghouls, especially the Everharts since they approached Cydia about adding her seven year old daughter, Ludia, as a third wife. Cydia almost had Winifred killed on the spot. Lucifer stopped her. The ghouls are just being used because they are loyal. A lot's been going on since you've been gone, especially in the past few weeks. There have even been rumors about outlawing plural marriage." Blair marched over to the couch and sat by Paige. "With that stunt Winifred pulled, Cydia has been on the war path. Now her sister, Mabon, is here in Deacon. She came through a portal. Weird things have been happening ever since. Rumors have been flying around like bees to honey. I don't know which ones to believe or not."

Paige stood up and walked over to him. "If you love me at all, you won't go back to your family. Stay with me and only me. You don't meed another wife. We were happy for several years, and we could be happy again."

"You know what I was talking to you about before you left. I've been wanting to follow family tradition for quite sometime. I'm the oldest, and it's time that I find another wife. My hands are tied on the matter."

She folded her arms as she shot him an angry stare. "No, they're not! You left them once because you didn't want to be around them. Be a man and take a stand!"

"I'll give you a few days to think things over, Paige. I'll be back, and you'll come with me either willingly or by force. It will by up to you."

Blair ran to Peter with her fists balled up. "You just wait a minute. No one threatens my granddaughter."

Peter grabbed and kissed them. "It's been a pleasure." He waved. "Goodday, ladies."

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