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Meant to be comical, but maybe not :)))))))
It was a sad day, sadly they knew nothing about what was going to happen to them. The sun outside was a dry heat, making the office stifling. The clock ticked away slowly, the noise of people typing on keyboards and the smell of cheap coffee was in the air. If only they knew about the horror that was to come in the next fifteen minutes, well, they may have wished for a new life or even to become a different object – sadly that was mere fantasy and this is reality, transmutation doesn't happen.

Not to far from the office an unmarked van and two Latvians spoke to each other rapidly, both obviously tense, Eduards – the older of the two and clearly the leader – glanced down at his watch, he had a look in his, conveying that time was short and they can not miss their timeslot, half-ten was the time they needed to be at the office. It was more than a race against time, it was a battle to get all of the unmarked boxes into the van in time, both Eduards and Bendiks were now clearly yelling at each other but Eduards yelled with a true sense of finality in his words “This isn't a debate, next time I will take charge of the packages, we can't risk this”. The sun went behind the clouds and a shadow devoured the motorway.

Inside the office it was a day like all others and none other, at least for the paper, they were about to be shredded, such an end was horrible, insentient object which were used for little purpose and then meeting the most cruel end possible. They lay mere inches away from the shredder. They were picked up and without any mercy shredded, sadly, at least for page fifteen of fifteen the executioner hadn't picked it up, it screamed “You inhumane people! You are committing genocide on our entire race! Oh cruel world! I've never felt what I'm feeling now, time went by and things seemed fine, living together in harmony! We your humble servants discarded as if we were nothing to you .. you villains – oh this is not the end of it! Document thirty-seven will bring you the most ignominious end....” and with those words.. page fifteen of fifteen was shredded, he died as a martyr for his people, a true hero.
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