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The essence of internet can not be over emphasize. It has made life quite easier and faster to go by.

The word "internet" is derived from two words "INTER NETWORKING" which is the combination of two or more network for the purpose of sharing of files.

Before now sharing of files was expensive in time and in finance. One would have to travel from one location to another in order to send an information across. Bearing both the risk of accident and also been robbed on the way.

Even though computer was in use then sending of files is done by a process called "snicker-net" (this is a process whereby files can be saved on one system by the use of removable media to be accessed by that same removable media using another computer). Right now you don't need to travel or send your removable media through courier service all you need is to access the internet from any location you find yourself.

Let watch the ease it has brought to commerce the income it has generated for different country, the global advertisement we all enjoy, the global information we receive that has all been to the credit of the internet.

There is just a little difference between the use of computer and that of phone in that in that the computer majors on data which it sends over the network while phone sends voice over the network but the both use the network to communicate.

Without the internet I wouldn't having been able to write all these easily to the view of several person who would view it.

Technology has actually made life easy for us all. I think we really need to embrace it. And also promote creativity, novelty and invention.

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