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A chapter from my book
Chapter 5 – A close call

Johnny knew he had to get to the recharge station quickly – his hovercopter was going to run out of neon juice soon. He couldn’t land and recharge here though, this was flybot territory. They were the bad ones, they had killed all his family and friends back in chapter one. He would have to carry on flying his hovercopter until he got home.

“Woof” said Billy, Johnny’s robot cat companion. “Woof!” Johnny looked over at Billy his robot cat and best friend in the world. He was a robot cat because of course all the cats and dogs in the world had been killed by the flybots – he said “woof” a lot because there had been a mix up in the robot cats and dogs factory. Johnny took Billy’s ‘woof’ to mean “quick look, there’s an army of big scary flybots heading our way.” Billy was right, there was an army of big scary flybots heading their way.

Johnny quickly put the hovercopter into it’s ‘fighting’ mode and pressed the big yellow button. This readied his neon rocket guns. “Woof” said Billy again. This time he meant “with the wind blowing from the East aim your neon rockets 2 degrees to the right of your targets. Try to take out the flybot’s right flank, that’s where they’re strategically weakest.” With this suggestion Johnny fired his neon rockets and destroyed the five scary flybots to his right. This made the flybots retreat back to that place where they lived. “Phew that was close” exclaimed Johnny. “Woof” said Billy. By that he meant “it’s a good job we still have just enough neon juice to get home.” Johnny laughed, they did indeed still have just enough neon juice to get home!
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