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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Emotional · #1755154
Second Part: A follow up to 'Embers to Flames', a story of true Love.
'Daydreaming again!' the voice said, 'You'll never get any work done.'

Is this normal? he thought. Should I be so distracted?

He had always been prone to drifting off into his thoughts, but not with such frequency, and certainly not with such coolness and clarity. Sitting at his desk, paperwork ready and waiting to be sorted and filed, he didn't care.

'Of course it's normal, you're in love!' the other voice piped up.

These two voices had been his constant companions now for the past few months. They shared in all his thoughts and feelings, and shared with him their snippets of advice, sometimes unwanted, sometimes reassuring. But even after all the internal debates, the see-sawing of emotions, the yes and no brainwaves, he was certain of one thing...

He was totally in love.

He couldn't help it. After that meeting...No! not a meeting, more like a reconnection...after that reconnection in the airport nothing had stayed the same. He saw beauty in everything now, good vibes in all the things that before this had only been trivial or banal events in his ordinary life. He felt the truth of what he had always thought was manufactured by the movies, played by people that seemed unreal, in places that never existed. But every day, from waking moment to waking moment, an energy possessed him that was unshakable and determined. Ever-present, it fired his imagination, producing from his grey matter a stream of images and thoughts, some in poetic rhyme, some in vibrant colours and textures, yet they all seemed to match his new found spirit.

But more often than any other, it released to his mind that image. It filled his head with a happiness he found exhilarating, pumped there by a booming heart. As he looked into his dreams and conjured up her beautiful face, he didn't need to second guess the smile. He knew it was there, letting the world know how he felt, letting it see the joy and triumph he was experiencing, despite it's efforts to hide it from him for so long.

He is going back in time now, to that fate filled day when he finally got to hold her in his arms and kiss her. Without fear, without doubt, totally uninhibited, his actions that day were almost automatic. His body was driven by a force he could not understand, nor did he want to. It propelled him into a state of unbridled joy, as if it was the most natural thing he could have done, uncontrolled, his body doing exactly what it knew it should. He had melted into her, the soft warm embrace enveloping them both, tempered by a strength that binds itself to feelings of security. He felt the energy that had passed between them, never waning, not even when they finally broke the kiss, to grin childishly at each other. She had won his heart right there and then!  He accepted her gift, her words, her hand, and her heart, too, trusting the magical feelings she instilled in him with her touch. Assured, confident, and unmistakably passionate, their bond was cemented in that instant. He knew it would last forever.

Their energy, an incredible, indescribable yet tangible thing, had stripped away all the layers of old loves and older disappointments that had encrusted their souls. Like old flaking paint, pale and devoid of any life, it fell to dust, to reveal underneath the stout walls that had made them who they were. Now, unveiled, it was ready to be painted in their own bright new future! Their hearts, once empty and consigned to just one singular reason for beating, now blossomed with a new vigor. It's rhythm thrummed, it's colour flashed a radiant red, infused with emotions that coursed through his veins. Permeating every muscle and nerve her touch awakened sensations immeasurable on any level.

He could see her eyes, read in them the stories that always began with sparks and shooting stars, and ended, as always, with sleepy-eyed looks that revealed to him the visions, gladly burdened with all the opportunities to come. The journey they had begun was full of promise, full of hope, tinged with some uncertainties and some trials. But all of those were in the margins. What he saw before him was a road paved with love, straight as an arrow, disappearing into the horizon where the sun kissed the stars, and the moon coaxed another night of dreams into the world.

Now, with these thoughts sweeping away all other thoughts, he let his heart roam freely through his soul, and the words came to him, not in letters, but in all the senses he had recently rediscovered. As he did every day, he closed his eyes, and whispered a thank you to his dreams for coming true, and with a smile on his lips, he said the words he longed to repeat forever...

"I love you Baby!"

And the fire inside burned brightly...
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1755154-The-Fire-Inside