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Contains: soft vore, f/m, cheetah/rabbit, digestion, scat, sexual content
WARNING: the following contains graphic soft vore with post vore scat and explicit sexual content. If you feel at all like this story might not be for you then it isn't.

(soft vore, f/m, cheetah/rabbit, digestion, scat, sexual content)

Caitlin had been friends with Matt for as long as she could remember. But over the years the cheetah came to want more from the rabbit than his mere company. She wanted to tell him how she felt but she was always too shy. So, while watching videos with him in her room, the cheetah plays a tape that demonstrates her desires better than words ever could.


By JuiceFox

Caitlin had been friends with Matt for as long as she could remember. It seemed as though they would be friends forever but, over the years, the cheetah began to develop a strange and powerful urge to eat her rabbit friend.

The feelings began when Caitlin was thirteen and became more intense as the years passed by. The cheetah kept her predatory urges a secret but, whenever she was with Matt, she could think of nothing else.

Every breath of his intoxicating scent made her mouth water and she could only hold out for so long. She was ready to give in to her desires but she didn't know if the rabbit would understand. Caitlin wanted to tell Matt how she felt but the thought of rejection was too much to bear. And every time she tried broach the subject her nerves would get the better of her; and everything she wanted to say would go unsaid.

The solution to her problem lay in the back of her closet, covered with old shirts and underwear. It was a video tape titled PLAYING CAT AND MOUSE, and it was Caitlin's most prized and most secret possession. The tape depicted, in glorious detail, everything the cheetah wanted to do to the rabbit. And since Caitlin couldn't bring herself to tell Matt how she felt she thought it would be better to show him.

Caitlin had the perfect opportunity to show the tape to Matt every afternoon. The rabbit always came over after school to watch videos of old cartoons in the cheetah's bedroom. All Caitlin had to do was play her secret tape instead.

However, Caitlin's tape was very graphic so she needed to work up to it so that Matt didn't freak out. The cheetah decided to test the waters before she moved up to the harder stuff by playing a few cartoons with similar themes first.

When the time came, Caitlin closed her bedroom door behind her as Matt got settled on the bed. Caitlin selected a tape with a series of cartoons she particularly enjoyed; though, for different reasons than were probably intended.

The tape was one that she watched many times in private. The cartoons addressed her predatory desires but still seemed innocent enough to pass off as the sort of thing they usually watched. Caitlin put the tape into the VCR and sat a comfortable distance from her friend.

The tape began with a cartoon about a cat trying to catch a mouse. The cat almost succeeded a few times but was inevitably thwarted by the mouse. Caitlin pretended to watch along with Matt, but the rabbit had her full attention. Her eyes drifted over to Matt's expression throughout the cartoon; watching how the rabbit reacted to the mouse's increasing peril.

Matt's response was encouraging. He laughed when the mouse took revenge but continued to smile when the little guy got caught; even when the mouse was almost eaten. The next few cartoons were similar to the first and each produced the same response. It was encouraging but, the last cartoon was the true test.

The final cartoon had been banned from TV for years but Caitlin was lucky enough to record one of its last showings. Again, it featured the cat chasing the mouse, only this time the cat won.

The cheetah fixed her gaze onto the rabbit's face as subtly as she could with her sideways stare. Matt laughed as the mouse thwarted the cat one last time before the cat finally won his prize. When the cat caught the mouse this time, he shoved the little guy into his mouth.

Matt went silent as a comically large lump squeezed its way down the cat's throat. Caitlin could see that her friend was waiting for the mouse to turn things around but instead the cat made a lame joke about persistence and the cartoon ended.

The tension mounted as Caitlin awaited Matt's reaction. She feared that she'd gone too far already; before she'd even gotten to the tape she really wanted to show. But, to her relief and delight, Matt laughed again. In fact, of all the cartoons they'd watched together, Matt laughed loudest at the unhappy ending.

It gave Caitlin the courage to take things to the next level. If Matt's reaction to her PLAYING CAT AND MOUSE tape was as positive as his response to the last cartoon then Caitlin would know for sure that the rabbit was at least open to the idea of becoming prey.

“If you liked that one, I have a video that's kind of similar,” said Caitlin nervously. The cheetah had only ever watched the tape in private, and she felt a little uncomfortable about showing it to someone else; even to a friend as close as Matt. Regardless, Caitlin dug through the back of her closet to find her prized possession.

“Well, if it's as good as the last one then it must be funny,” said Matt, his eyes fixed on the bold print title of the tape's label.

Matt probably thought that the video was another cartoon but as soon as Caitlin hit play the rabbit would find out that the tape was clearly intended for adults. Caitlin knew that when Matt saw what was on the tape she'd be putting all her cards on the table and it frightened her. She wanted to hide the tape and pretend she'd never mentioned it, but Matt was already waiting. Caitlin couldn't back out now. She just had to trust that her friend would understand and accept her for who she is.

Caitlin put the tape into the VCR and sat beside the rabbit again as the film began. The cheetah watched her friend's eyes widen as he realized that the film was definitely not a cartoon.

The amateur video footage focused on a tigress kissing a small mouse boy on top of a dimly lit double bed. The tigress stripped the mouse and herself so that they were both naked and continued the kiss with mounting passion. There was a look of complete submission in the mouse's eyes when the tigress's kisses began to envelop him. He didn't resist.

The tigress swallowed until she reached the mouse's waist. She stopped and ran her tongue along the mouse's groin. The mouse's member quickly grew into an erection and his legs twitched as the tigress lapped at his shaft. After only a few long licks the mouse's toes curled with the intensity of his ejaculation. Cum mixed with saliva in the tigress's slavering mouth and dripped freely over her naked breasts.

The tigress then lifted her head to swallow the mouse the rest of the way. Her throat distorted as the mouse's body sank down to her chest. With the mouse securely confined in her stomach, the tigress stroked her bulging belly and belched with a look of utter satisfaction. She lay on the bed for a while as the camera zoomed into her belly. Her belly moved for a few minutes but eventually digestion took its toll on the creature inside. The tigress slept as the camera faded between advancing stages of digestion. Every time the camera faded back in the belly became less swollen until, finally, the tigress awoke with a relatively flat stomach.

The film wasn't over yet, but Caitlin was desperate to know what Matt thought so far. So she pressed stop. There was an uncomfortable silence before Caitlin finally spoke. “So …” she said, nervously. “What do you think?”

Matt stayed frozen like a statue; his eyes fixed to the screen. “I think,” he said, shocked and sounding very distant. “I think I'd better go.” The rabbit kept as much distance between himself and the cheetah as he made his way to the door.

“Wait!” Caitlin cried as Matt reached for the doorknob. Horrified by her friend's reaction the cheetah tried her best to cover her tracks. “It was only a joke. Please don't go.”

Matt paused. He turned to the cheetah but avoided eye contact. “Don't lie to me, Caitlin,” he said. “If you thought it was a good idea to show me this then it's pretty obvious how you feel.”

There was another painfully long pause as Matt waited for her response. But Caitlin was too hurt to speak. Her best friend was afraid of her. Matt had seen the cheetah for what she really was and he didn't like what he saw.

“I thought we were friends, Caitlin,” Matt went on. “Why would you even WANT to do something like that to me?”

The cheetah tried to explain, “Of course we're friends. We're best friends; that's why I wanted it to be you. I wanted my first time to be with someone special.”

“The answer is no,” Matt snapped. “If you were really my friend you wouldn't even put me in this position.”

“If I had known that it would upset you so much I wouldn't have,” said Caitlin, growing more upset. “Please, let's just pretend this never happened.” The cheetah took a step towards her friend but he quickly retreated.

“I should go,” he said as he slipped through the door. The rabbit fled for the front door and left the cheetah alone in her bedroom.

Tears stung Caitlin's eyes as she collapsed into her bed. She cried uncontrollably into her pillow. She thought the rabbit would at least be open-minded about the idea but it looked as if he'd never be willing to give himself to her. Caitlin hadn't expected such a harsh rejection.

The next day, at school, Caitlin arrived early to her first class and had to wait for it to begin. She was all out of tears from the previous night and, when she took her usual seat in the back corner, she felt hollow and disconnected.

Matt entered a few minutes later but he walked past Caitlin without so much as a “hello.” The rabbit took a seat in the front row, as far away from the cheetah as possible.

The seat beside Caitlin where Matt would usually sit remained empty until a lioness walked in to take the rabbit's place. The lioness's name was Sierra and she was another friend of Caitlin's; though the cheetah had only known her for a little while.

“Hey there Caity-Cat” Sierra greeted Caitlin cheerfully as she eased herself into the chair beside the cheetah.

Caitlin noticed the lioness's swollen belly immediately. It sloshed with its liquefied contents as the lioness adjusted herself between the seat and the desk.

“It's that scrawny fox guy, Desmond,” Sierra explained, noticing Caitlin's curiosity. “He took me out last night and he hasn't quite finished digesting.”

Feeling as if she'd broken some unspoken social taboo, Caitlin averted her eyes from the lioness's belly bulge. Instead, she glanced into Matt's direction and caught him watching her. The rabbit quickly shifted his attention to unpacking his notebook and pens when he realized that he'd been spotted.

“How do you do it, Sierra?” said Caitlin, her eyes fixed on Matt. “How do you make someone your prey?”

“Easily,” the lioness replied. “Do you have someone in particular in mind? I could help if you like. The first is never easy. Instincts sometimes take a while to kick in.”

Caitlin shook her head. “I asked Matt but he said no.”

Sierra laughed. “Of course he said no. You don't ask someone to be your prey; you MAKE them.”

Caitlin felt very na�ve but in her defense she told Sierra, “I don't want to force myself on Matt; he's my friend.”

Sierra gave Caitlin a patronizing smile; making the cheetah feel even more foolish. “Even if, deep down, he wanted you to be his predator, he still would have said no,” she said. “You need to earn a prey's respect if you want to earn their submission. And you don't do that by asking for permission.”

Caitlin thought about it as Mr. Shepherd, the teacher, called for quite. Sierra was making a lot of sense but the cheetah was still unsure. She didn't want to make Matt do something he didn't want to. “But I don't think he wants to be eaten by anyone,” Caitlin whispered to Sierra. “No matter how much he respects them.”

“Look, if you don't do it someone else will.” Sierra whispered back. “And don't worry about what he wants. It won't matter when he's digested.”

The two sat in silence as the teacher marked the roll. Sierra let out a rancid belch when Desmond's name was called and laughter rippled across the classroom. Mr. Shepherd crossed the fox's name out before calling out the next one.

Caitlin thought about what Sierra had said a lot in the days that followed. It would've broken the cheetah's heart if Matt were to be eaten by someone else. And it was only a matter of time before the rabbit caught the eye of another predator in school. Caitlin had to be the one to eat him; for his sake as well as her own. Better for Matt to be eaten by someone who actually cares about him than someone who doesn't even know him.

Unfortunately, Caitlin's tape showing made Matt much harder to catch. He never came over anymore and Caitlin couldn't get him alone at school. Sierra became Caitlin's new best friend in the rabbit's absence but the cheetah felt that she couldn't truly move on until she'd finished things with Matt.

A week later, Caitlin admitted to Sierra that she needed help with Matt. The lioness was all too happy to offer her advice. Sierra taught the cheetah how to chase and how to take down her prey but told Caitlin that she might not need to hunt the rabbit at all.

“I think you're his only friend,” said Sierra. “If you give it a few days, he might come to you.”

Sierra was right and that very afternoon Caitlin was given a second chance. The cheetah was home alone after school. Her dad was still at work; her mother was out shopping; her brother was at soccer practice and her sister was with her boyfriend.

Caitlin was finishing off some leftover chicken stir fry when she heard a knock at the door. The cheetah guessed that her mother was back from the shops but when she opened the front door she found Matt instead. Caitlin could hardly contain her excitement. The rabbit knew what the cheetah wanted from him so maybe he'd thought about it and decided to give her his consent. At least Caitlin hoped this was the reason he was there.

Unfortunately, her hopes were dashed when Matt told her, “I'm here to get back the book I lent you.”

Crestfallen, the cheetah nodded. “It's in my room,” she said. She wanted so badly for Matt to be willing but it seemed that the only way to make him her prey was by force. However, out in the open, in broad daylight was not the right place for her to make her move. So the cheetah turned and slowly made her way to her room; hoping that the rabbit would follow.

Matt didn't move, but before Caitlin was out of sight he cried, “Wait.”

Hopeful, Caitlin turned to face the rabbit. “Yes?”

Matt looked conflicted, like a great internal struggle was raging within him. He obviously had something to say to the cheetah but, for some reason, he didn't want to say it. The pressure within him mounted and eventually the floodgates burst and the words came pouring out.

“It's just that, my mum told me that you're a predator and I'm a prey and I just have to learn to accept that. But it's not fair. Why should species matter when we've been friends for so long? Why do things have to change after all these years? Why can't we be friends anymore? I don't want to lose what we had. I want us to be friends. I miss you, Caitlin.”

When he'd finished, Matt looked very vulnerable. It gave the cheetah confusing feelings. It broke her heart and made her mouth water at the same time. Caitlin couldn't decide whether to hug the poor creature or consume him.

In the end Caitlin hugged him. She squeezed the rabbit close to her heart and soothed him as best she could. At first, Matt tensed in the sudden embrace but he soon relaxed into the cheetah's arms.

“Come on, Matt,” said Caitlin, releasing him from her tight grip. She took his hand into her own. “Let's go watch some cartoons.”

Matt was suspicious but unafraid. “You wouldn't rather watch them with one of your predator friends?” he said. “You wouldn't rather watch them with Sierra?”

Caitlin was taken aback by the rabbit's jealousy but she looked him straight in the eye and assured him. “Matt, we've been friends for practically forever. I've only known Sierra for a few months. Just because we're both predators doesn't mean I prefer her company over yours. She's not going to replace you, Matt.”

It was a lie. Sierra had already taken Matt's place as Caitlin's new best friend but the rabbit seemed to believe it.

He smiled shyly. “Do you really mean it?”

“Of course,” said Caitlin as she led the rabbit into her bedroom. She felt bad about taking advantage of his trust but she had to remember to put herself first. As Sierra had told her, the rabbit's feelings wouldn't matter for much longer.

Caitlin closed the door behind them as Matt made himself comfortable on the bed. It gave the cheetah d�j� vu but this time she planned for things to end with a more satisfying result. Caitlin turned the TV on and grabbed the remote for the VCR. She looked at the tape in the VCR and found that PLAYING CAT AND MOUSE was still inside. The cheetah had been so upset when Matt had left that she'd forgotten to take it out and hide it again.

Caitlin didn't want start so soon after she'd already eaten but she knew she had to. Although Caitlin would have liked her first time to be on an empty stomach, she knew that if she delayed she'd lose her confidence. So she left the tape in the VCR.

Knowing that she would have to pounce the moment she pressed play, the cheetah sat very close to the rabbit. Caitlin summoned all the courage she could muster before pressing the button on the remote. The tape resumed where they had left it. This was the cheetah's favorite part but she had to focus on Matt. She had to be ready to prevent any attempts to escape so she gave the rabbit her full attention.

On screen, the tigress was awake after digesting the mouse. She began to position herself into a squat on the bed and lifted her tail out of the way as the camera zoomed into the pulsing lips beneath. The tailhole yawned open as a thick log came tumbling out. As the tiger scat fell into a dirty pile on the bedspread the camera zoomed in to sections that contained the most fur and bone fragments knotted through the brown lumps.

Caitlin felt Matt's body weight shift as he moved to get up but she pinned him to the bed before he could stand. Caitlin tore the rabbit's cloths from his body as he struggled futilely against her superior strength.

“Stop it, Caitlin, I said no,” Matt protested. “I don't want to be your prey, Caitlin. No, Caitlin! I said NO!”

It was a good thing that no one was home to hear the rabbit's cries but it was only a matter of time before Caitlin's mother returned from the shops. Caitlin had to shut the rabbit up before she did. But the cheetah's confidence evaporated when it came to the real thing.

Caitlin was overwhelmed with apprehension but Sierra warned her that the first time would be hard. She just had to push through the initial nerves before her natural instincts could take over. And so, taking cues from PLAYING CAT AND MOUSE, the cheetah began with a kiss.

Matt's cries were muffled as Caitlin forced her tongue down his throat. Saliva flowed from the cheetah's mouth as she tasted the rabbit for the first time. It was a dizzying experience for the cheetah but the rabbit only writhed as he choked on her tongue. Matt clearly wasn't enjoying it as much as Caitlin was.

The cheetah lamented her lack of experience. She wanted it to feel good for Matt too but clearly she had a lot to learn before she could do what the tigress did on the video. It was clear that Matt wasn't going to learn to appreciate Caitlin's probing tongue so the cheetah gave up and moved on.

Matt wasn't accepting his fate so Caitlin thought that a demonstration of how widely her jaws could expand might help to bring him into submission. In a display of things to come, Caitlin held her drooling mouth agape and breathed heavily over the rabbit's face. It didn't work. Matt only used the opportunity to continue his cries of protest and Caitlin was forced to end the display prematurely to silence him once more.

With her mouth already open to its full extent, it was easy to burry the rabbit's head inside. Matt squirmed with frantic desperation but the cheetah's crushing body weight prevented him from offering any real resistance.

Caitlin let the rabbit's strength subside before she continued. The cheetah guided Matt's body towards her mouth and funneled his head down her throat. Caitlin struggled when she got to the rabbit's shoulders but managed to get them down, with a little effort. Caitlin's throat was stretched to the limit by the bulge Matt's head created and, although it wasn't painful, it was very uncomfortable.

The cheetah couldn't get the rabbit down fast enough. She lifted his body into the air and swallowed furiously until she reached his hips. Caitlin's mouth became dry by the effort but the cheetah still wanted to give her friend a proper send off.

Caitlin salivated as much as her dry mouth would allow and slid her tongue across the rabbit's cock and balls like the tigress did in the video. Sadly, the effort was just as futile as the kiss. She sucked and she slurped; she licked and lapped; she tongued and she teased but the rabbit remained flaccid.

Caitlin desperately wanted Matt to enjoy himself, at least a little, before the end. But her tongue lacked the dexterity and skill required to bring excitement to the rabbit's terror. Eventually her tongue became tired and she had to give up on that as well.

The cheetah's first time was not shaping up to be as fun and romantic as she'd pictured it. The experience certainly wasn't worth losing a friend over but she'd come too far to stop. Caitlin's throat ached with its uncooperative occupant and she just wanted to get the whole thing over with. She swallowed as quickly as she could and didn't bother with a last taste before the rabbit's feet went down the rest of the way.

The discomfort only continued when the rabbit reached the cheetah's stomach. Caitlin had already been full when Matt came over, and the addition of over thirty kilos of rabbit meat felt like more than her stomach could handle.

Things got even worse when Matt started moving again. Caitlin could feel him sliding around with her half digested afternoon snack and it made her want to throw up. The queasy cheetah willed her meal to stay down but the mounting nausea told her that something had to come up.

Then it came; suddenly and without warning. There was a loud glorp one moment and the next, a gust of rank air erupted from the cheetah's throat in a loud, obnoxious burp. Caitlin went red with embarrassment until she realized that she was the only one around to hear it. The taste of rabbit mixed with chicken stir fry lingered in the cheetah's mouth and Caitlin felt a great relief in her belly.

The discomfort and queasiness in the cheetah's stomach had gone completely and every subsequent move Matt made felt like an erotic caress. The rabbit's every unpredictable push sent waves of pleasure through Caitlin's entire body. The cheetah tore her clothes off in a lustful frenzy and reached between her legs to enjoy the experience more thoroughly.

The pleasure intensified as Caitlin touched herself. The cheetah rubbed frantically and quickly reached her first climax. Fluids sprayed over the cheetah's hand and her bedspread and Caitlin milked it for every last drop and kept going.

The pleasure began to mount again for a second orgasm but, this time the cheetah fished through her bed sheets for the VCR remote and rewound the tape. Caitlin watched the tigress digest the mouse as she touched herself and exploded when the scat scene began.

Seeing the digested remains of the mouse tumbling out of the tigress's tailhole made Caitlin cum so hard she thought she would faint. But the cheetah still kept going. She rubbed herself past the point of orgasm and the pleasure became so intense it was almost painful.

The cheetah's bed had become slimy and uncomfortably wet with her gushing release, but Caitlin was so swept away with ecstasy that she didn't even notice. The cheetah paused the tape at a good angle of the fresh tiger waste and began again.

The frantic urgency had ebbed away after the last orgasm and Caitlin began to notice something very interesting as she stroked herself. Caitlin had to squeeze her belly bulge to reach her slit and when she did the rabbit inside responded in a very enjoyable way.

As Caitlin squashed her swollen stomach the rabbit's squirming intensified so she squeezed her belly as hard as she could while fingering herself. The indignant thrashing of her tormented guest brought the cheetah close to a third orgasm but it wasn't quite enough to push her over the edge.

Matt's struggle felt weak and Caitlin was convinced that the rabbit could do better. So she rolled onto her belly and squashed him with the full force of her body. It was exactly the motivation the rabbit needed. Under Caitlin's crushing weight her meal thrashed with renewed vigor.

Caitlin took advantage of the rabbit's newfound energy. She turned to face the image of the tiger scat and used both hands to pleasure herself. One hand she slid deeper into her dripping pussy and the other traced circles around the lips of her tailhole.

It wasn't long until the third orgasm swept through her body. Quickly, the cheetah brought her tailhole finger to her nose and breathed its odor; imagining how it would smell when it carried Matt's scent.

The orgasm wasn't as intense as the last and only a few drops squirted out this time but it was just as satisfying. Caitlin was becoming exhausted but she wanted to make the most of her remaining time with Matt. Caitlin wasn't going to stop until he did, so she kept going. Only this time the cheetah dry humped her belly to get the maximum response from the rabbit inside.

Lost in the throes of passion, Caitlin didn't notice when her mother's car pulled into the driveway. She didn't even hear the approaching footsteps as her mother made her way to the cheetah's bedroom. Only when the bedroom door swung open did Caitlin snap out of her sexual frenzy.

“Honey, are you in here?” The mother was shocked to find her daughter naked with a grossly distended stomach. “My goodness!”

Caitlin scrambled to cover herself with the bed sheets but her mother had already seen everything. “I can explain,” she said. But then her mother turned to see the image on the TV.

“Oh my…”

Caitlin dug through her sheets to find the remote but her mother saved her the trouble and switched the television off herself. Caitlin lay in horrified silence, dreading her mother's reaction.

To Caitlin's amazement and relief her mother laughed. “I was going to ask you what you wanted for dinner but it looks like you've already had it. Do you mind telling me who it was?”

Unable to think of a good enough lie, Caitlin told the truth. “It's Matt.”

Without a trace of surprise, her mother nodded. “I thought so,” she said. “Well, I'd better call his mother and tell her that he won't be coming home tonight.”

Caitlin was confused. “Aren't you going to make me throw him up?”

“Don't be silly,” her mother replied. “Matt was part of a very large litter. Rabbit mothers expect to lose a few kids to predators so don't worry about it. Just enjoy yourself, sweetie. Your father and I will let you have some privacy. And I'll make sure your brother and sister don't disturb you when they get home.” And with that promise, Caitlin's mother closed the door and left her alone.

Dumbstruck, Caitlin lay there and tried to process what had just happened. The distraction didn't last long. A moment later, the cheetah was reminded of the task at hand by a swift kick from the rabbit inside her.

Caitlin returned to her humping position and made the most of the rabbit's fading strength. By the time her belly went soft the bed was soaked through with sexual fluids and the cheetah was utterly spent. Caitlin slipped into a food coma while her stomach dealt with what remained of Matt. He was good friend but a better meal.

The next day, Caitlin was allowed to stay home from school. Her little brother complained, of course. “Why doesn't Caitlin have to go to school?”

But the mother simply told him, “You'll find out when you're older.”

The mother bundled Caitlin's brother and sister into the car and left Caitlin to her own devises. All morning, Caitlin's guts groaned with Matt's liquefied remains and the cheetah had to cough up several lumps of the rabbit's undigested fur. It was an incredibly boring way to spend her time but Caitlin felt too lethargic to do much else.

After wallowing in the depressing dullness of the morning after, Caitlin remembered the book Matt had lent her. She'd enjoyed it so far and she hadn't quite finished it yet. So Caitlin retrieved the book from her room and settled down on the living room sofa to read it.

The book was very engrossing and really helped make the hours pass by quickly. But soon the cheetah's bowels cried out with the urgency of thirty kilo's worth of digested rabbit. Caitlin raced to the bathroom and by the time she got her pants down she was already crowning. The first log hit the water before the cheetah's arse hit the seat. Caitlin was enormously grateful that she was allowed to stay home because she was sure that she wouldn't have made it if she were in school.

Matt's final farewell was the moment Caitlin looked forward to the most. So it was with much excitement that the cheetah parted her legs to see what was left of her former friend. What she saw was exactly what she'd expected but, for some reason, it didn't excite her the way it did in her fantasies.

The pilling lumps clearly contained the fur and bone fragments that the cheetah found so appealing. But the end product of the digested rabbit was no more satisfying than any other bowel movement. Caitlin breathed in the wafting smell but she couldn't detect a trace of Matt's scent within the familiar foulness of the scatty stink.

It was a very disappointing ending to a wonderful experience. Caitlin flushed the first load without a moment's hesitation but there was plenty more to come. She turned back to her book to pass the time again and flushed periodically to prevent the toilet from clogging. The book turned out to be far more interesting than the rabbit's remains.

“Wow, Matt has a really good taste in books,” Caitlin reflected. “I mean, HAD,” she corrected herself as another log fell with a wet splash.

Caitlin's first time definitely wasn't what she'd expected. But although the reality hadn't been as good as the fantasy in many ways it was far better in many more.

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