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Heart beating continuously, the mind is without action and the body shakes in this state we fall prey to our enemy.

OUR ENEMY is not the people who hates us nor the people who disappoints us in an event or a major situation of our life not the person who turn us down but rather in our ability not yet discovered.

Its is information that breeds fear or courage in our lives. The information do one has about the situation you are facing at any point in time would determine ones action at the give situation.

In gathering knowledge about other people and our environment it is important we also we know ourselves. It is in knowing ourselves that we can't be easily conquered by situations of life.

Knowing who we are helps us appreciate the principles that governs life. In the book "Art of War" written by Sun Tzu, he explained that in know your enemy and also knowing yourself gives you victory to any battle.

When an information is dispatch if not proper understood could cause fear in ones lives. An information is give to enable us build ourselves, exposing our deficiency so we can work on ourselves in that respect.

Everything that has threaten us is basically as a result of our perception neither we walk in the fear of what might happen to us or work on our defense. Fear has every evident we need to get threaten. It is in having a counter measure that when we overcome the situation.

Yes fear has all the facts to get you scared but looking beyond the facts that puts in the fear to walk in boldness to accomplish what you think is impossible that s what brings courage.

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