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by JBecks
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My life and what it's taught me. Pretty much covers it.
So before you read this, let's get a few things covered.

One - I am in now way a professional writer or professional in anything but being myself. You will find mistakes.
Two - I will try my hardest in these chapters to present what I want to say clearly and cleanly. No txt speekzwill be used and language will certainly be kept to a minimum.
Three Things I write aren't meant to inspire you or to cause you to sympathize towards me. So please don't think that I am doing this for anything other than self satisfaction and other opinions on me and my life etc.


Almost 17 years ago, I was born on the 27th June 1994. Must have been special because Dad missed the pub quiz to be there. I was a "mistake" as in "Whoops we got carried away". Not a mistake as in I'm some sort of spawn from Satan or any of that crazy stuff people believe in. I'm not going to put you through my whole life so far since most of it is, quite frankly, boring. All you need to know is that in the first 13 years, I was raised and brought up by my Grandparents, I've been Theist, Atheist, Theist and now, if I'm brutally honest with myself a little mix of Theist and Agnostic. Weird huh?

I'm going to start this from year Seven or 7th grade. This was where I became aware of things like girls, image, body odor and all of the wonderful things you get thrown into during adolescence. Like many of the people at the start of a brand new school, I was pretty much focused on trying to make a name for myself, be noticed and I also had the usual childish fantasies of becoming that cool school kid that everyone looks up to. You've probably guessed that didn't happen. Atleast not yet. I was most definitley not a bully. And I was also most definitley not a victim. In-between isn't really enough of a phrase to justify who I was. I did my fair share of being the guy in the class who was idiotic, the one who flirted madly and pathetically to the girls and I was VERY attention seeking.

We'll carry on, but first I want to say one more thing. I'm 16. I'm not in any way above average in anything I do like other 16 year olds except maybe a little more advanced in music. We're all looking for answers about things. And we're all going through different phases at different paces, with different barriers and problems holding us back...or pushing us forward. Depending on who we are. Things I write aren't going to necessarily be something you can relate to and they might not even help you at all. Because in reality, there isn't an answer. Or rather, there are too many right answers. None of us are going to be perfect and none of us will please anyone. And that is the same with these writings about me. It won't be perfect because I'm not perfect. And it won't please all of you because I can't please all of you. But does that mean I shouldn't try?

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