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I like the relationship I have with him and don't want to lose it
Right now I’m 15
but this has been going on since I was 12
I fell for you before I even realized it
and now every time I see you my heart bursts

I know I try to play it cool, but if my parents weren’t around
I would tell you how I really feel
and I know that if you loved me too
you would wait until we can be alone

My worst fear is that you will stop loving me
and I’ll be left here
still wanting you
and when I think about that I feel sick

and I know that I’m still a child
and this probably isn’t true love
but it’s the closest thing that I have right now
and I even think about marrying you sometimes

every time I see you
you take my breath away
but at the same time
I can still have real conversations with you

And when you are with other people
it takes every ounce of my body
not to run and be right next to you
and steal you away from them

I know you think I hate it when you poke me
but I love the fact that you touch me
and then when i pull your hand from my side
just for a second you’re holding my hand

and I just wish that the world would
pause, and stop spinning
so we could stay in that moment
for just a little longer

but you just keep walking
and leave me standing there
alone, by myself
acting like a little child

I hate every time that I see
that you’re in a relationship
but you still act just like
I’m still yours

Because I want to be the only thing
that you want
and have
and need

My friends have never met you
and that’s probably for the better
because I can keep you a secret
my treasure only

my friends all think that I’m exaggerating
but the truth is
I tell them every thing that happens
no lie

because that’s just what we have
a relationship that doesn’t need
to be some large hyperbole
and that is just alright with me
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