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A tree of spectacular beauty
The Japanese Magnolia

The Japanese Magnolia is spectacular, at its best.
It really knocks me out, more than the rest.
The pink and white blossoms are softball in size;
You’ll make this a purchase, if you are wise.

Usually it blooms before all the rest,
There are over one hundred flowers, it has such zest.
This year it’s lagging, but coming on now.
Soon it will be a centerpiece, and take a bow.

This is only one tree, in my gardens so vast.
They’re expanding each year, more than the past.
Thirty foot tall and so majestic in stance,
You’ll think you’re in heaven, after taking one glance.

So when you pass by and take a look,
You’ll want my address, in your little black book.
Feel free to stop by, and look at its flowers,
It’ll only take you a couple of hours.

The joys that this glorious majestic tree brings,
Are above many of the daily, mundane, dull things.
Once again I implore you too take a long ride,
Take a tour through my gardens, with me at your side.

LeBuert  Mar.  2011

You may visit my gardens, on my website, the link is below:

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