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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Romance/Love · #1756398
It isabout the sacrifices of love & responsibility.A Christ-centered Manga-like story
Saigo no Tegami (The Last Note-Revised)

Book content:

Settings: Tokyo, Hino, Japan, Munich, Rome and America

Main Characters:

•          Yumiko Riko - a young writer, the central character of this story beloved by Akihiro Takashi

•          Akihiro Takashi - a 26 year old machinist expert in Hino, an English instructor in Hino University and beloved also by Yumiko Riko.

•          Meiru Takashi – Akihiro’s younger brother who is a law student in Todai University, Yumiko’s fist love.

•          Bae Gee you/ Jiyu – Yumiko’s best friend

•          Yoan Paku – Yumiko’s classmate and friend who supports her in all she do

•          Mrs. Reshi Takashi – Akihiro’s Mom, the president of Takashi Group

•          Engr. Ken Takashi – Akihiro’s Father and Geologic Engineer and professor of Todai U.

•          Prof. Yuri Riko – Yumiko’s father, an IT specialist in Munich

•          Prof. Musume Riko – Yumiko’s mother, a Psychologist

•          Matchi Akarui- Yumiko’s Cousin from New York but she is from Sapporo

•          Dr. Sandy Gravels - Yumiko’s Professor in Pathological Science in Todai University she is an English Physician, Phatologist and Molecular Biologist in Munchen University in Germany.

•          Prof. Ren Yo – Psychology instructor who is a devoted Shinto which later becomes a “Kirishiyonin” which is a group of people who serve God or His Son Christ.

•          Minister Takenaga – The Minister or “Bokushi” of a Pentecost church.

•          Rishinn Riko – Yumiko’s cousin, an engineer student of Todai University Engineering Department.


1.          “Kirishiyonin” – an unexisted compound word, I combined the word “Kirisuto” and “shiyonin” which means “Christ Servants” as an extra ordinary term used in this story to be more inflate.

2.          “Akuma” – Evil, devil, Satan

3.          Kami-sama/Ou-sama- God, Father in Heaven

4.          Nii-san – Brother

5.          Evengelion- evangelist/ missionary


Christians in The Land of the Cherry Blossoms are rare to find during the period of Middle Ages. In account to it, Shinto and Buddhism are usually one which is existed before. During these modern times, Christians was influenced by foreign countries such as America, Europe and other countries in South East Asia. In this Story of Yumiko’s Journey, she will begin to experience and encounter things which are very unusual to a young person, at the Age of 16 beginning to have a relationship which is forbidden, that is her one predicament that she will face in this Journey. Yumiko is a writer; she loves adventures, going place to place. She wants to become researcher, and a famous writer but then she begin writing many things when she was in distress in love when Akihiro and her separated.

A “Dying person couldn’t Love Again” a phrase she’ve said during the time that she was suffering in that hitch. And that was the time that she wrote the song “I wanna break through.”  The question is why she doesn’t choose to stay with Aki in exchange to her responsibility and commitment? Yumiko is a very compassionate girl in terms of her duty as a “Kirishiyonin”. “I Love Kami-sama(God)”. That’s what she always says, and she’ve said also that “if I choose to stay with Aki, it is like I trade my life to the Evil”. It is because it is forbidden.

Although it is hard to Yumiko to be detach to him for the reason that of she loves him enormously she decided for God’s sake to give up Akihiro. Even Akihiro don’t want because of her love to Yumiko, he also decided for the sake of serving for Christ, as a “Kirishiyonin” they sacrifice their love for God.

Chapter 1. Childhood Fears

Yumiko is a very sensitive girl, during her childhood; she always feels that she was nothing, her shyness letting her not to play with other children. One Day during her elementary days, her classmate tease her when she was joining playing with them. They mock her and brawl because of her gentleness. Grabbing that opportunity to taunt her for being placid. “Oh, she’s crying, weak child is crying” they said to her while laughing. As Yumiko cry leaving them and run home. She is Jealous when she saw the children playing at the park while she is hiding at the back of her dad while holding her dad’s garments. “I wish I could play with them without taunting at me” that was she was utter that time looking at the children playing at the park. She could only have playmates when her cousin Matchi is having vacation in their place or when Yumiko go to Sapporo. Matchi, is her cousin from Sapporo since that time they became not just cousin but good playmate with her siblings. “Let’s play Yumiko” that what she always say when Matchi is there. Even though they quarrel sometimes but they’re always being playmates.

Yumiko is an intelligent girl but not so intelligent like her cousin Rish, but the worse for her is that, thay always comparing her to Rish.”Why they didn’t have contentment of what I have? I’m also having that knowledge but not best as her” that’s what she was thinking before. Latter that days during her last years in elementary somebody told her this “Yumiko, I know that Riko race are intelligent, proving Rish Riko was a top student in all Hino and why you’re not like them? You are not as intelligent as I know. Why you’re not like Rish Riko why you’re not intelligent” that is a criticism from their most outstanding student in their class. Those words are sealed in her heart and mind which injures her. “My parents are like them, they’re always criticizing my deficiency, comparing myself to Rish .I am their child, why they’re always in the part of Rish? Even cheering me up they can not do, cheering other people they can do, but with their own child, even a single word to cheer me they cannot say.” Yumiko said in her heart. And that time she live not depending knowledge to people but to make them know that she can do it also without their help. Because of that she became skeptic; she didn’t want to believe in her teachers. She doesn’t want to teach her but she’s the one who teach them because of her thought that they are deceptive teachers. Teaching false and always telling lies. She became not rebellious but a factualist. She doesn’t like to believe in theory-theory but rather to prove it by experimenting. “Theory may become a lies, so I don’t believe in it, but proving is best to defeat lies.” That is what Yumiko says when she was in high school.

Yumiko became a hater of authority, hater of those whom are knowledgeable who criticize those are not capable in knowledge. “I am the enemy of those intelligent people who tend to mock and taunt those who are incapable of wisdom.” Yumiko said in herself. During that time, Because of what she encounter and experience in her childhood she became more effortful enough to achieve and gain what she wanted.

Chapter 2: First Love

Years pass by, Yumiko is now 16 years old, at her age she suffer teenage affair to Meiru. Though that time she didn’t know what love is or what is affair. Yumiko do not know what is really affection is, but because of Meiru, Her heart awakens by Meiru’s affection. She does not know why Meiru is acted strange to her. One day when Yumiko is all alone in the library, Meiru is there reading books.

“Meiru-kun, you’re here also.” Yumiko said to him.”

Ah, yeah, and I notice that only the two of us are here at the library.” Meiru said asYumiko smiled at him.

“I see, so I’ve gotta go to next section then.”


And after a while while Meiru is done reading as he returns the books in the shelves then he come close to Yumiko and tried to ask her.

“Yumiko, aren’t you afraid?”

And he clinched her and Yumiko was stun. She was surprised of what Meiru do to her.

“Meiru? WH—what…Afraid of what?” Yumiko said while stunned by Meiru’s clinched.

“Yumiko, can I hug you?” Meiru requested

“Why? Do you have problem? Or what?”

“No, nothing” he softly utters

After a while Meiru disentangle her for being embrace as he said thank you to her. Yumiko do not know why Meiru hugged her. But she was shock about what he do to her. But then Yumiko was nag being clinched by anybody. But time passes by; Meiru do that thing whenever Yumiko is all alone. Yumiko thought that Meiru have feelings on her, she was then realizes why, she can not give him punch even she said if he will do that again without any reason she will punch his face but she cannot do. She’s in love with him by that time, she never thought of any thing why she can’t retort if Meiru do that again. But this is what she said. “I can’t punch him nor hit his face because I have these strange feelings.” Yumiko is waiting until Meiru will said that he has also the feelings to her but then that time doesn’t come but rather she find out that Meiru has a girlfriend. It’s a big punch to her that he makes her be expecting to have something behind what he do to her. Yumiko become desperate during that time but then after those things she realizes that what she feels to him is not love but now it is hatred. She became more man-hater, disliking those people who are 2-timer especially the men.

    Chapter 3: Love Note Behind the Letter

Akihiro already knows about what Meiru done to Yumiko besides Akihiro was mad at Meiru without any reaction in verbal or in action. Yumiko and Akihiro become close friend, brotherhood and more than that. Yumiko treat him like big brother and she always call him “oNiisan” but Akihiro like Yumiko very much. Akihiro is 26 year old; he is a machinist, and English instructor in Hino Univeristy. However Akihiro do not think of the gap of age but rather the heart’s desire. Yumiko and Akihiro become more close to each other; they feel more than siblings or brothers. Yumiko again confused about what she feels towards Akihiro that she can’t understand why she cannot leave even behind Akihiro’s shadow. She always missed him even in a single hour that they didn’t see each other.

One day, Akihiro ask some favor to Yumiko to make a Note for him. That all the content of the letter is her feelings of what she wanted to say to him. Yumiko make a Letter to Akihiro all the things which she wanted to say to him she write it down there.

The content of the Letter:


I first wanted you to know that I was very blessed to have you even though we are not really siblings but I’m happy to belike your younger sister and you as my big brother. You know Nii-san, I have loved you very much, and it is like that I can’t live without my Nii-san in my side. I’m afraid to lose you but then I promise to you that I will try to achieve my dreams for you. I will be the famous writer someday and a pathologist. I promise to you that I will not love early but only to love my oNii-san.

Thank you nii-san for caring me and securing me, thank you for all the things you do to me. I will always love you my big brother. Arigatou gozaimasu mwuah!

Your baby sister,


The content of the letter has a meaning behind, because of what Yumiko feels towards her Onii-san Akihiro. If you can read it, it is like an ordinary message to somebody you love like family but if you’re going to be at Yumiko’s side as she have the feelings to Akihiro. Would you bear to decline about what it says in the letter that you have love him more than brother? Because Yumiko is still bewildered about love she haven’t prove it yet but truly she love Akihiro more than Brother.

After the Halloween, Akihiro decided to confess his feeling to Yumiko. Yumiko was at the town during that time when Akihiro calls her at the phone. While Yumiko is going on shopping her phone rings and there’s a voice that say. “Moshi Moshi” that’s Akihiro’s voice saying hello at the phone.

“ONii-san? Why are you calling? Is there any problem?” She responds and asked.

“Nothing, I just wanted to hear your voice my Yumiko”.

“Nii-san, what’s happening to you, why are you talking weird today?” yumiko asked.

“I just wanted to tell you something.” Akihiro said.

“What do you wanna say?”

“I think you just stop calling me Nii-san, so why don’t you call me Honey or Sweetheart” Akihiro said to Yumiko.

“N-n-nii-san, what are you talking about? What do you mean?”

“Honey, I can’t let admit my feelings to you because I’m Afraid to try saying; I love you! More than a sibling or a friend”

“Nii-san, i-i-I cannot answer you but, I think I can’t maybe you’re just confused because of our deep brotherhood relationship and because you’re my Nii-san?” Yumiko said as she was shocked of what she heared.

“No, Yumiko, my feelings are true. I love you.”

“Nii-san, I love you but, i don’t know” Yumiko said and ended up the call.

Akihiro was worried about what he said to Yumiko, he’s worried that Yumiko will hate him. But during that time Yumiko send a message to him that she also love him more than a brother, and said that she just find out that her brotherly love has more than that. She said that her letter that she wrote has another meaning behind those messages. And by that time that Yumiko already prove her feelings to Akihiro, they’ve decided to go in-deep relationship.  Subsequently they decided to become one. Yumiko and Akihiro were very glad to be as one. But, their relationship is against to their family, so what they’ve do is to hide it to people, they just act the same as sibling like but they are truly lover. But then in their relationship is suffering. This is the beginning of Yumiko’s suffering for her love to Akihiro.

    Chapter 4: Start of the Torment

         After all the things in their life, here comes the worry of tomorrows. Yumiko even she was happy in Akihiro’s hand her fret is still in her heart for about them. Because they know that it is against to their family.

“I’ve wandered  if I have the freedom to escape from this kind of chaos that someday Akihiro and me will live in the world of no worries about disagreement in our relationship” that’s what Yumiko said with flowing tears in her eyes.  These chaos in her heart that make her falter, is a vain to her that is hard to heal with any prescribe medication from advises. It’s been a broken glass that they have to separate someday as she worries this craze.

Yumiko is a “Kirishiyonin” she doesn’t wanted to become an obstruction to the will of God as an “Evangelion”. A complicated decision is made choosing her duty as “Kirishiyonin” and Evangelion. She’s a writer, an Author and Lyricist. At her age 18 she has to choose and decide whether to go with Akihiro or choose to become “Kirishiyonin”. If she is going to go with Akihiro, they will persecute them because it is against to the family.

Yumiko’s Melancholy:

“I’ve been in the extent of time to love, but why I can’t love the person I love most? Why this time must suffer? Things beyond me is very cruel, that’s I feel, I experience how to reject, I experience the pain of being compare by my parents to my cousin, I experience the rudeness of being hated by a friend and I experience the pain of loving the man I love? Why is this happen to me? Is this a mistake? I can’t love somebody; I can’t face people and say that I’m alright? It is hard to hinder my feelings. I feel desperate; I feel that I have nothing to do in this word because I cannot face the people with a smile. How can I become a true” Kirishiyonin” If I have this feeling in my heart? I feel that I’m a mess to them. Sometimes I said to God to take me now but because I love the people I just wanted to choose to serve them in a sacrifice to Akihiro.”

Could you really imagine how hard to sacrifice is? For Yumiko, it is really hard, Akihiro treat her more than friend and a sibling. Her love to him never fails but she rather chooses serving God. Every minute and hour she always thinking of Akihiro and always crying if she remembers the things that are memorable to her and valuable.

At the school:

Yumiko is having the class in the Todai at the department of molecular science. Her classmate was surprised about Exam results of Yumiko, she nearly failed the subjects. Yoan her bestfriend in the class notice her changed behavior. She always not in the good mood, always grim-faced and always tired. Then Yoan tend to ask her about her problems.

“Yumiko, what’s happening to you? Why you have these result that’s impossible. You’re an intelligent and you always got higher scores why you almost failing?” Yoan Said.

“Yoh, I’m tired, I can’t do it! I think I can’t do things very well”

“Yumiko! What are you?” Then Yumiko was collapse at the lab. They took him to the clinic but Yumiko can’t breathe, she’s holding her chest like it is aching. “Ouch, I can’t breathe well, it pains. I feel the aches.” Yumiko groan and her body cramp, she can’t move. They quickly call a Doctor to see what’s really happening to her. When the doctor came and health check her, the doctor said that Yumiko has a heart failure due to those circumstances that she suffered.

“Dr. what’s the result? Is there anything on her?” Yoan asked

“Your classmate needs rest and also I would like to inform you that she has a heart failure, you must monitor her anxiety and depression must be evaded to her.”

“So you mean that Yumiko has heart illness?”

“Yes, and as I’ve said to you. Keep an eye on her. Don’t make her too stress and overwrought”

After that, when Yumiko awakens, her best friend Yoan told her about that.

“I have something to say Yumiko, You have Cardiac Disease and the doctor said that you must not put yourself to any pressure”

“I’ve already know since I came to this school. I just know that this is only Anxiety disorder but now I see that I have that Cardiac ill.”

“Yumiko, I know that it is very hard to you, but don’t put yourself in any distressful things.”

“But, I can’t, Yoan,”

“Yumiko, try to deal with other people so that you can find friends as well.”

Yumiko is still moaning, after that time they already leave the clinic, they go to the Campus. While they are walking, suddenly their classmate Rizza hurriedly came and said that there’s a man who is looking for Yumiko.

“Yumiko-san!” rizza shouted as she called.

“Rizza-san, what’s the problem? Yumiko asked

“There’s someone looking for you”


“I don’t know? A man with an elegant car.”


“Nii-san? Is he your brother?”

“No, he’s my…” then suddenly

“Yumiko!” Akihiro said.

“Ni-niisan? What are you doing here? Yumiko gently said.

“I just came to get you, let’s go home and take a rest. Your mom called me because your professor calls to her that you collapse. So I’m here to take you home.”

“Nii-san, I don’t like, I will stay here in Tokyo”

“Yumiko, please take a rest in able to restore your energy.”

“Akihiro!” she said as her tears falls on the ground

Akihiro was stunned because that was the first time again that he heard Yumiko saying his name.

“Yumiko?” akihiro said.

“Yumiko-san? Are you alright? Akihiro? So you mean that he’s your X-boyfriend? Yoan said.

“Akihiro? I don’t wanna go with  you.” Yumiko said and run through the Music room.

Rizza and Yoan follow her while akihiro is stunned their. Yumiko was their sobbing. Rizza came to comfort her with Yoan.

“Yumiko, please stop crying. I know how hard it is but as I see him, she was also cry when you run after him. He loves you too until now. Please Yumiko go with him; don’t set your-self into distressful things because this is for your self.”

“Rizza-san” Yumiko said and she go to Akihiro but then when she was there as she saw Akihiro crying she embraces her and said.

“nii-san, I’m sorry for hurting you this way, Gomen ne nii-san.”

“Yumiko, I’m not angry of you but I’m afraid to loose you”

“nii-san” Yumiko said while crying.

“Oh my God, What a love story!” Rizza utters

“Hey Rizza shut up! shh… Let’s go don’t disturb them.” Yoan said.

“Yumiko-san, Akihiro-sama, we’ve gotta go and please take good care of our Yumiko-san.” Rizza said to Akihiro.

“Yes, I will”

“Ok then, Arividerci!” rizza said.

Then  the two leave them, Yumiko decided to go home to Hino for resting. Akihiro while driving was again cries. While seeing Yumiko while she’s sleeping. Akihiro was also very exhausted for the things that make Yumiko in suffering. “I don’t want to see her suffering this way, it is very hard for me, and my heart is wounded while seeing her like this. God, I can’t loose her but why I must let her go? Why? If she would be suffering this way? I love Her. I don’t like her to suffer.”

Then Yumiko awakens

“Did you say something nii-san? Are you crying?” Then she hold her hands while holding the clutch as she fall asleep again. “Nii-san, I will not leave you, I will stay with you forever.” Yumiko muttered with a tears  at her sleepiness.

Chapter 5:  Returnable Memories

While they’re ridding at the car, yumiko awakens. Then she just sit gazing at the window of the car and think of something, while looking at the outside she remembers the time when they were very happy with each other. Akihiro stares at Yumiko and thinking about her as he worries about her.

“I wish, this ride never stops, I wish that this trip will not end, I wanna stay with Akihiro” Yumiko said in her heart.

Akihiro then stop the car and park it near the shoreline. Because he sensed that yumiko want to stay first here to rest for a while.

“Why are we here?” Yumiko ask

“Just take a glance first at the sea. Time is still early; I want to spend long time with you here before going home, while seeing the horizon of the sea.” Akihiro answer.

“nii-san” she said.

“Remember the time yumiko, when we have our first date, your afraid that time but you enjoy being with me because you feel nag.”

“Nii-san, Arigatou!” Yumiko utters softly and Akihiro smiled.

After a while Yumiko saw a child who is crying. She heard the child shouting and says “Mommy!” while crying. Then something is figured on her mind. Child. What about a child? Why she was crying and feared of Child?  During their past relationship, they made mistake, they commit something dreadful. An urge of love lead them to commit that, because they afraid to disengage. But time came, Yumiko find out that she’s gestating. Akihiro don’t know that matter. Because even she would tell it, he will tell her to terminate it also because it is not right and because that child will become miserable if he/she will be in this world. Yumiko don’t know what to do, since it is only 3 days impregnated she do something in able to terminate that. Yumiko wish that this can only be a period. But she saw the terminated embryo when she flushes it in the toilet.

“I’m rude!, I am terrible to do that” yumiko says while crying during that time.

Then akihiro noticed that Yumiko is crying while staring at the child. She tends to ask her, what the matter is. Then yumiko tells all about it. And Akihiro was shocked.

“I have a child?” Akihiro said.

“Yah, but If that child will live but because that is our sin, I terminate him in able not to suffer the miseries in this world.” Yumiko said as she cries.

“Yumiko forgive me” Akihiro said.

“Nii-san, you don’t have to say that. It’s our mistake. But then, thank for this mistake that I can write things because I’m inspired to do it because of you.” Yumiko said as her tears falls.

Akihiro embraced her while a tear comes out in his eyes also. They both suffer in that aches of yesterday, forbidden love which hurts their heart. After that they go home, while ridding at the car, Akihiro was holding Yumiko’s hand while driving. Those Tears in their eyes is not easy tears of desperation but painful tears of separating each other’s soul. It is a hardship for them that are hard to overcome. This is really true that even I write this I also feel what they feel.

When they already home, Yumiko don’t want to detach to Akihiro, she embraced him crying and said:

“Nii-san, I don’t want to get rid of you, I wish that this time will stop in able us to be still forever”

“Yumiko, your nii-san will be sad also if he will leave you. Next Month Yumiko I will go to Rome.” Akihiro said sadly

“Nii-san, you’re leaving again in my life?” yumiko said while crying embracing Akihiro.

“Yumiko, that’s not it, I’m leaving to work there, but still you are always in my heart. Don’t worry, I’m still your Nii-san, although we’re not able to be one, in my heart, I’ll still love you.” Akihiro said.

“Wait for me Nii-san, wait for my dream to be come true, in able for you to be happy, I love you nii-san.”

Because of that Yumiko don’t want to love any man in her life, in able to be inspired to write, she allow her sadness overruled herself in able to inspired to write because of her promise to Akihiro that’s because she love him very much she wanted to grant her promise to Akihiro.

Chapter 6: Farewell

January 1, morning of New Year, the time of Akihiro’s departure. At the Airport, all of his family and Yumiko are there to see Akihiro’s departure to Rome.  Yumiko is there, Everyone is Sad and happy for Akihiro but Yumiko is down, she don’t want Akihiro see that she’s crying but tears flow in her eyes, Akihiro saw that and before leaving he said:

“Well then everyone Sayonara! But before that to Yumiko, my beloved little sister, so then goodbye to you.”

He draws close to Yumiko and embrace her, with tears flowing in his eyes also.

“Nii-san! I’m sorry I can’t control not to cry. Because I’m afraid of loosing you again”

“Yumiko, its ok, don’t worry here in my heart I’ll always love you. Good bye my little beloved sister and my love. Ciao Arrividerci!” Akihiro whispered as he cries.

Akihiro depart then, Yumiko still didn’t stop crying. A month after, Yumiko is near graduating, her professor Dr. Gravels want her to work on Germany after Graduation to become research assistant. But she didn’t accept it. Rather she wants to go France to study again Literature. Because she inspired to write, she chooses writing rather being a scientist.

At the Rome, Akihiro become a mechanic there and also a professor of University of Rome in department of Engineering. But then Akihiro is always calling to Yumiko because he’s always feel sadden being separate to Yumiko but because it is his decision in able to stay away from her even it is painful to them they made sacrifice for the people and to God.

It is so painful; even I write these things I also feel the hurt inside. Yumiko although always suffer that sore, it grow to be her inspiration to write. She chooses to be a sacrifice rather to defraud the will of God. Choosing to be hurt in able not to separate from God that’s what Yumiko want. That’s why she became a writer because of what she endures. See how this girl endures, in able not to detached from God, she sacrifice her love in able not to defraud God and the loyalty of the people to them, that’s how she love the people, her family, and friends. Can you also sacrifice yourself for the people you love? Even the ransom is the one you loved most in your life; can you do it for God sake? Can you do it because you love God and you don’t want to defraud Him? That’s how much she love the Father in Heaven, she don’t want to be detach to Her God. Although she loves Akihiro because it is not right to love him, she chooses to sacrifice her love for the sake of the people for her to be used to deliver the people to God through her endowment in writings and her songs. Although there is fear in her heart to hurt people, rather to abandon her duty she continued it with perseverance to deliver the people to God. At this moment of Yumiko’s journey in life although she has the ill, this is not a hindrance to her to continue serving the Lord rather her ill and pains are her inspiration to go through and being Senior college nearly graduating, before that, she’ll have to patch up everything on her life although the pains in her life is hard to overcome but then she did not easily fall, but her strength is in that ill and pain. The devil will not gain the triumph because he can’t deceive Yumiko because her pains are not the cause of her fall but rather her strength to move on and carry the eminence not for her own but for God.

There some Question I want to ask before we pursue to the next Chapter.

•          If you are going to decide, what you’re going to choose? Would you choose to suffer pain for the sake of the people all around you or choose to love the person you love even defrauding the Lord and hurting other people?

•          Would you sacrifice for your God?

•          How much do you Love God?

•          Can you make your pains not a cause of your failing but rather would you make it your inspiration to pleased God and the people?

•          Would you sacrifice your love for your Best Friend, for the sake not to hurt other people?

Now, think of your answer and make a conclusion to it.

Chapter 7: Behind the achievement of Yumiko

During the graduation of Yumiko, although she didn’t gain honor to that matter being cum laude in their institute but she has so many achievements in her writings, the school give her debut for her accomplishment. Her writings make the people blessed and inspired. She changes the people’s life. The Dean of their institute gives her a reward for being a good journalist in school, a good artist, poet, musician, leader and also her in their thesis. Although Yumiko didn’t move on yet about the past, she was inspired in studying embryology because of that mistake she committed.

“I was surprised for this achievement that I have, I didn’t expect this, because I just do this not to gain honor but because I’m inspired of everything.” Yumiko said

“I’m proud of you Ms. Riko, whatever your decision is, go for it, but it is better to continue medicine, it’s up to you” Dr. Gravel said.

“Thank you Dr. Gravel for all the support that you give.”

“you’re welcome Ms. Riko”. Dr Gravel said.

“Yumiko, thanks for your help that were able to be the best in thesis this year, I’m so proud of you too. Thanks for that inspiring poets that you’ve made, and I’m inspired to it.”  Rizza said.

“No, Rizza, we do it together, and we put our best in it, I must also thank you and congratulate for being cum laude this year Rizza, Omedeto gozaimasu!” Yumiko said.

All of them are very happy for Yumiko and also because, that’s the last day of her staying at Tokyo because she will have to go soon to Paris to work and study literature to improve her writing skills.

At the Hino, she’s already home, all her friends and relatives celebrate for her farewell and graduation, although it is very lonesome to them that Yumiko will depart the land, they also happy for her to have new life overcease.  Her bestfriend Jiyu was also sad because Yumiko will leave her again.

“Yumi-san, again you’re leavin’ and I will loose my bestfriend again, I’m sad but I’m happy that you settle everything with Akihiro, I know that you still love him, but try to find someone their and get married soon, forget aki-sama.” Jiyu said

“I can’t promise that, I’ve already decided not to love any man and commit marriage. Sorry well then my best friend, Au Revoir! I miss you. And everyone, I will miss you all, especially my cliques.” Yumiko said.

Jiyu embraced her and cried. Her cousin and friend also hugged her for the last time.

Her cell phone rings, and Akihiro is the one calling. Akihiro wanted to congratulate Yumiko for graduating.

“Hello, nii-san!” Yumiko answers the phone

“Yes, it’s me, Congrats! Yumiko, Happy graduation and Bon Voyage! You’re going to Paris, Meiru said to me. So have a safe trip and I miss you!.

“Nii-san, I—I--- (crying) I miss you too Akihiro.” Yumiko whispered at the phone while crying.

“My Yumiko, you’re so silly, why are you crying, don’t cry, I’m sure that we will meet someday, don’t worry, Paris is near here in Rome. I’m sure we will meet then someday, I hope and I wish my Yumiko. But, it is better if we will not meet because, you will suffer most if you will see me. Arrividerci! Akihiro said and cut off the line.

“Nii-san” Yumiko utters

“Yumiko? Are you alright whose calling? Why are you crying?” Rish asked.

“Nii-san” Yumiko answered.

“Alright, Cousin, don’t cry now, you will depart tomorrow, have a rest because tomorrow is your departure my dear cousin. I know you miss him, but, forget about your feelings, just think that he’s ok and he’s safe in Rome. Ok? Rish said.

“Thank you Rish. Call me someday if you’re ready to marry with Harris ok? And take care of yourselves. And to Everyone, i will go back here if Rish will going to walk down the aisle.” Yumiko said and smiled.

Everyone is laughing around because of joy and for Rish that will get married 2 years after and for seeing Yumiko smiled because of joy although pain is inside her.

At the Airport:

Everyone is in the airport witnessing Yumiko’s departure, with Her Family relatives, Friends, schoolmates with Dr. Gravel and her classmate. Everyone is happy for her, because of the opportunity that she have. She was blessed to become a journalist, writer and researcher in Paris and in Napoli

Two countries in where she work and to study, French composer Pamela Lavoisier wanted to get Yumiko as a Recording artist in France. How great right, that’s a wonderful and awesome opportunity to her. They want her because of her inspiring composition and wonderful voice.

Because of being multi-talented, able to write songs and also play several kind of instrument, Ms. Pam Lavoisier called her Genius. It is not accident that Ms. Pam is an Embryologist and composer and a publisher, when she knew that Yumiko is a Molecular science graduate, she was honored to meet her.

Chapter 8: Behind the her songs

In France:

When she arrived at the France, Dr. Pamela Lavoisier is the one who accompany her to her apartment which is owned by Dr. Lavoisier. At that time Yumiko was pleased to meet Dr. Lavoisier being her Publisher. First of her journey, she became a journalist. Writes about medical research, science field, literary and even inspirational facts. Yumiko tries to put everything in her writings in able to degrade the feelings of depression towards Akihiro.

“I feel so glad that I am going to become a journalist in your company” Yumiko said to Dr. Pam.

“I am well blessed to be your employer, because I know that you’re good and because of your intelligence I admire you to work on me.” Dr. Pam said with cheer because she saw Yumiko’s face although joy is in her because Dr. Pam knows about Yumiko’s burdens in life.

In this Yumiko’s journey as a journalist and a writer, all the things which are revealed in her heart about the circumstances she encounter instead of wasting it in whimpering or weeping alone she put those in writing. She never hesitates to give up like what other people do. But she said in herself “I will not lose, I will not put my life into risk even accept what the death offer to me. But I will take courage. And I will walk on the water and have a faith with my Lord”. No wander until eventually her writings were very popular in Italy, France, Germany even America and Japan. All things which are written on her journals are her encounter. Even in Science field, she writes not just for understanding concept in life science but the importance of it in life of every mankind. There was an Author who admires her on her writings, because everything was so very unique people are more blessed about it. People even professional writers who read her works was convicted and confronted with that matter. It was amazing, very powerful because of the scriptures which she added especially on the science journals that she has made.

There was one time when Yumiko writes a song. Because she is more passionate in music, she creates the song entitled “Wonderful days” this song is written this way:

I was thinking about

Lovely home

I was dreaming of

Dazzling gold

And not to worry about the yesterday

I’ll send out the pains

Of the recent past

I will try to cleanse

This rotten rust

Coz this time I just see what God has made

For all the beauty this time that I gain

It is Wonderful, my whole life was change

For this day I saw great things God made in me

Oh it’s wonderful day, look at the sky

It’s brighten up by light

Like my heart when HE came in me

I got the current run through me

Now I was lighten up by His power

She writes this the time when she feels more distressful. This is the first song she made in Naples. When Dr. Pam read that, she wanted to publish it not as a song but a story. She suggested making a story about this because it is wonderful and it is godlier.

When everything was done, after finishing her writings Dr. Pam allows her to rest for one month in writing but to concentrate in writing poems. But instead of writing a poem, Yumiko tries to write or composed a song. Lately a song which she wrote was her encounter when she was meditating alone but at this point. Everything is more on Breaking through and moving on. Dr. Pam notice that her writings are more intricate because it is hard to grasp if just does reading it but when Yumiko begin to sing it. There is emerging of new meaning, it is double meaning but not the double meaning of what the world has but there is something behind the songs she made.

“All of what you do is so amazing Yumi. I’m blessed of you.” Dr. Pam said.

“Without him I cannot do this, but you know although we lose each other, we make ourselves become a stronger person through this. I write because I want to express what I feel.even how hard the situation is, I will not be move to tremble to stumble and to fall down but to show that, I will become strong for him.” Yumiko said with a tears flow.

“I really admire you Yumiko; you’re so strong beyond what you’re suffering. You have a good heart towards the people. You are a true Christian. You’re so very unique to others. You are the only one I know that you made to sacrifice everything just for the people around you.” Dr. Pam said

Yumiko know how to disregard her feelings even she’s been hurt but because of her mature feelings, she has to sacrifice for all the people. Her reason is so intricate, too deep and too complicated. However even deep inside her she feels so hurt, she don’t want to show it but she’s fighting for it just to show to them that she’s alright and she is strong.

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