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My thoughts on the aspects of typing, written entirely on the iPod Touch.
As the insect continues to gnaw away at the insides of the walls and what I now believe to be, though, I may be mistaken, the legs of my bed, I decide once again to brush up on my thumb-typing skills. Working on a touch screen is considerably more difficult than a miniature keyboard, such as the one my cell phone has, however the autocorrect function the iPod has is often quite accurate, taking into consideration the placement of the keys rather than the mechanical construction of the words themselves, such as the spellcheck tool in Microsoft Word 98. It always perplexed me why it would think I hit a key that was halfway across the keyboard from it's correct letter. I assume it was designed to correct conscious spelling errors rather than typos, however I for one was always a fairly decent speller and the vast majority of the errors I made were due to a slip of the finger rather than a slip of the memory. And another major qualm I had with the spellcheck function, if you missed the first letter of a word, there would be no chance of the system guessing what your would be. A typo such as "farment" would garner such suggestions as "farming" or "ferment," which is perfectly understandable, but what annoyed me was fhe the fact it would give you about twenty-five suggestions, one of which probably being something along the lines of "fork man," before actually providing you with the term "garment." 

Another thing I am beginning to notice is how my ability to thumb-type on a handheld qwerty keyboard is slowly surpassing my speed when typing with my fingers on a standard one. This is no doubt due to my switch to a Dvorak format keyboard for my computer not too long ago. I am still qutie proficient with a qwerty layout, however, my speed is noticeably waning. Another thing I notice is the fact that both my iPod and my cellphone have qwerty keyboards attached to them, as I have mentioned earlier. It is with a small amount of interest that I await the day I approach a computer with a qwerty keyboard and find my fingers absolutely confounded, upon which I will have to hold the keyboard in my palms and hit the keys with my thumbs.
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