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Description for concrete nouns and a partial list
          When I searched on the internet for a list of concrete nouns, I couldn't find any, except for a very short one in someone's blog. So I decided to start a concrete noun list. Concrete nouns are important for us writers; they can be suggestive, inspirational, and we can take a few of them and form a writing prompt when we need it. This list will be far from perfect since English is so full of nouns.

         The list came about for my use, and if it can help another writer, I'll be very happy.

         In time, as more concrete nouns come to me, I'll add them to the list.

Concrete Noun: A concrete noun is the name of something or someone that we experience through one or more of our five senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch, or taste. Most nouns are concrete nouns. The opposite of a concrete noun is an abstract noun such as soul, love, imagination, etc., and their lists already abound on the internet.

Concrete Nouns – A Partial List


whisker, paws, hoofs, tail, wings, antlers, beak, bill
rooster's comb, horn, pouch, pelt, fur, quill
dinosaur, mammoth, Tyrannosaurus Rex,
frog's leg, spider, moth, bug, cockroach, June bugs
ants, fire ant, moth, bat, vulture, owl, peacock
toad, turtle, worm, earthworm, toad, porcupine, skunk
armadillo, rat, squirrel, hedgehog, chipmunk, gerbil, hamster
opossum, mouse, mole, anteater, platypus, otter
calf, cow, oxen, cattle, sheep, lamb, ram, goat, kid,
pig, hog, shoat, sow, fox, vixen, lemur, raccoon, weasel
monkey, ape, chimpanzee, orangutan, baboon, capuchin monkey
horse, pony, pinto, mare, filly, gelding, bronco, colt, stallion,
donkey, jack and jenny, zebra, mule, camel, dromedary, gazelle
capon, tom, bird, goose, duck, drake, gander, turkey, gobbler
songbird, lark, nightingale, wren, eagle, hawk, osprey
puppy, kitten, chick, rooster, hen, crows, raven,
cats, kittens, alley cat, calico, tabby, Siamese, Persian, Van
dogs, mutt, wolf, cub, tiger, lion, elephant, cheetah, puma, boar
jackal, jaguar, ocelot, rhinoceros, alpaca,, antelope, elk
deer, doe, fawn, stag, kangaroo, joey, koala, sloth, emu
wallaby, wombat, bear, polar bear, hyena, panda
alligator, crocodile, snakes, giraffe, Gila monster
sewer rat, pinworms, horse flies, wasps, honeybees, hornets
fish, whale, shark, dolphin, grouper, kingfish, seal, sea lion,


castle, pyramid, jailhouse, cliff dwellings, igloo
Chinese pavilion, hair salon, beauty salon, hostel
estate, hacienda, ranch, ashram, log cabin, shed,
light house, campanile, hovel, tavern, pagoda, abbey
cathedral, chapel,
auditorium, hippodrome, tabernacle, stadium, kiosk
high-rise, green house, skyscraper, theater, casino
bathhouse, chalet, cottage, hut, shack, shanty,
chateau, bungalow, cabin, villa, inn, motel, hotel,
silo, barn, restaurant, diner, fortress, monastery,
school, tire factory, tattoo salon, mansion, manor,
beauty salon, saloon, bank, outhouse, yurt, barracks
gas station, garage, office building, tenement
condominium, apartments, tepee, townhouse

*OUTside of Buildings:

roof shingles, mansard roof, stone walls, paved patio,
outside walls, fire escape, siding, clapboard siding,
cornerstone, drawbridge, lanai, skywalk
concrete steps, porch, veranda, gate, fire hydrant
stone road, street block, sidewalk, well, artesian well
espalier, trellis, cesspool, chain-link fence, picket fence,
garden, yard, grass, lawn, tower, orchard, hedge
bower, gazebo, corral, stables, paddock, cabana, carport
flower beds, cloister, belfry, cupola, vineyard, walkway

*INside of Buildings

rooms (bed, living, guest), kitchen, pantry, bathroom,
atelier, studio, study, attic, atrium, catacomb, boudoir,
ceiling tile, checkroom, closet, den drawing room,
study, antechamber, sunroom, playroom, nursery
entertainment center, meeting rooms, powder room
light fixtures, chandeliers, fanlight, light switch,
switchboard telephone, spiral staircase, gallery
bay window, bow window, skylight, porthole
double-hung window, transom, storm window
sliding patio door, hallway, corridor, balcony, gallery
study hall, office door, doorknob, lock and bolt
turnstile, trapdoor, cellar, basement, alcove, apse
elevator, dumbwaiter, hearth, fireplace, mantel
loft, loggia, mezzanine, stage, rostrum, niche, alcove

Clothing and Accessories:

apron, tie, belt, ascot, cummerbund, bandanna, bandolier, obi
cartridge belt, sash, waistband, fascia, hamaki, crest, corsage,
netsuke, frog clasps, pompom, wampum, shawl, stole, gloves,
kid gloves,

bow tie, clerical collar, choker, cravat, dickey, lei, cuff links,
tie clasp, tie clip, string tie, signet ring, stick pin, eyeglasses, sunglasses,
granny glasses, horn rims, bifocals, goggles, contact lens, pince-nez,
opera glasses, monocle, spectacles, pocket watch, fob,

jewelry, gem, jewel, ankle bracelet, brooch, cameo, charm
pearl necklace, bracelet, earrings, watch, beads, locket,
pendant, solitaire, studs, tiara, crown, pinkie ring,

luggage, bag, attach%uFFFD, overnighter, pocketbook, portfolio,
hatbox, purse, fanny pack, duffel bag, gym bag, haversack,
golf bag, garment bag, suitcase, tote bag, wallet,

underwear, negligee, knickers, bloomers, panties, briefs, thongs,
slip, cleavage, bra, brassiere, chastity belt, garter, girdle,
boxer shorts, jockey shorts, suspenders, tank top, nightgown
athletic supporter (cup), T-shirt, thermals, bathrobe, pajamas,
loincloth, baby jimmies, footie pajamas,
argyle socks, crew socks, bobby socks, anklet, pantyhose,
stockings (fishnet, silk, nylon), tube socks, tights,

shoes, shoe horns, heels, French heel, wedge heel, sandals, slippers,
thongs, platform shoes, spike heels, stilettos, flip flops, chancletas,
athletic shoes, cleats, bootee, booties, combat boots, espadrille,
galoshes, gumshoes, waterproof boots, riding boots, Roman sandals,
high heels, tap shoes, loafers, mukluk, oxford, moccasins, wingtips,
sneakers, work boots, running shoes, tennis shoes, Wellington boots,
wooden shoes, clogs, klomps, pumps, rawhide laces, shoelaces,
aglets, canvas straps, tassels, buckles

costume, formals, disguise, garb, raiment, uniform, togs, rags, shirt, suit,
dress, pants, cap and gown, business suit, tuxedo, jumpsuit, fatigues,
pinstripes, pantsuit, evening dress, strapless dress, coverall, frock,
dress with spaghetti straps, snowsuit, zoot suit, chador, shawl, tutu, kilt,
skirt (A-line, pleated, dirndl, full, tight, bustle, mini, midi, maxi), pannier,
crinoline, petticoat, pinafore, sari, sarong, jumper, shift, shirtdress,
wraparound dress, anorak, parka, caftan, vest, cape, trench coat,
cloak, kimono, Inverness, mantua, mantle, peacoat, poncho, robe,

smock, toga, tunic, blazer, cardigan, sweater, turtleneck sweater
V-necked sweater, bolero, fisherman's sweater, crew-neck sweater,
bomber jacket, double-breasted jacket, combat jacket, dinner jacket,
shearling, fur coat, fake fur coat, dolman, chinos, chaps, Capri pants,
blue jeans, corduroys, gaiters, dungarees, denims, hip huggers, hot pants,
shorts, jodhpurs, leggings, pedal pushers, spandex, spanks, tights,
trousers, toreador pants, bikini, bathing suit, gym suit, sweats, leotard,
swimsuit, track suit, wet suit, armor, breastplate, epauliere, gauntlet,
alb, cassock, cope, vestment

hat, cap, beret, astrakhan, beanie, hard hat, pillbox, monkey cap, opera hat,
bonnet, bowler, coonskin, fedora, Dutch hat, derby, Montero, cowboy hat,
baseball cap, sombrero, Tyrolean hat, yarmulke, skullcap, Watteau hat,
sun hat, tam, tam-o'-shanter, three-cornered hat, sunbonnet, toque, top hat,
babushka, balaclava, crash helmet, turban, diadem, earmuffs, visor, scarf
veil, war bonnet, pith helmet, hood, miter (bishop's hat), shell jacket


cooking sherry, stick butter, rocky road ice cream, cake batter,
coffee, tea, drink of water, soda, hot chocolate, caf%uFFFD mocha latte
locally brewed beer, wine, cappuccino, Jell-O, nougats,
lamb chops, steaks, chicken and veal cutlets (Schnitzel)
chowder, fish soup, spaghetti, lobster, sushi, fondue,
crabs legs, shrimp, garlic, onions, Bratwurst, kielbasa,
pate de foie gras, head cheese, hot dog, hamburger
heirloom tomato, herbs, grains, legumes, zampone, casserole,
black beans, pumpkin seeds, stew, cereal, polenta, pudding
pasta, macaroni, ravioli, wafer, crackers, cookies,
sandwich, gyro, wrap, omelet, popcorn, walnuts, nuts, almonds
strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
dessert menu, pizza, chocolate mousse, cr%uFFFDme brulee,
cakes, pancake, waffles, French toast, rock candy, baked Alaska


bedside table, chest of drawers, dresser, armoire,
chiffonier, credenza, console, bookcase, buffet, armchair
rocking chair, recliner, Adirondack chair, Easy chair,
bench, banquette, chair, chaise lounge, Chippendale chair,
couch, davenport, Chesterfield, sofa, armchair, ottoman
folding chair, deck chair, love seat, director's chair
fanback chair, high seat, divan, inglenook, pew, throne
sectional, stool, potty chair, workbench, swivel chair
night table, bed, four poster bed, daybed, bassinet, crib
cradle, cot, foldaway bed, futon, hammock, tatami mat,
rollaway bed, mattress. boxspring, waterbed, trundle bed,
hassock, hat rack, step stool, footrest, footstool, tripod
grandfather clock, cuckoo clock, mirror, Tiffany lamp, nightlight,
recessed lighting, gooseneck lamp, torchiere, Chinese lantern
Venetian lamp, track lighting, sunlamp, spotlight, ceiling fan
cupboard, card table, hutch, locker, wet bar, vanity, rack
%uFFFDtag%uFFFDre, filing cabinet, hope chest, china cabinet,
sculpture, coffee table, painting, wall hanging

Human Body

eye, pupil, iris, retina, eyeball, eyelids eyelashes, eyebrows
lap, waist, belly, tummy, rear end, crotch, abdomen
beard, mustache, sideburns,
fingernail, hand, forearm, arm, knuckles, thumb, wrist, elbow
leg, toes, knee, ankle, shin, thigh, hip, breast, chest, torso,
tongue, lips, gums, mouth, teeth, bones, spine, throat,
lungs, kidneys, intestines, colon, gall bladder, spleen, glands,
blood, head, skull, brain, muscles, red blisters, curly hair,


xylophone, clavier, virginal, lute, drum, French Horn, English Horn
piano, violin, cello, guitar, flute, tuba, harp, mariachi, orchestra, oboe,
bassoon, woodwinds, brass, viola, kettle drum, peyote drum, tambourine,
tambour, xylophone, saxophone, marimba, maracas, glockenspiel, shofar
cymbals, kazoo, baby grand piano, dulcimer, harpsichord, accordion,
lyre, fiddle, banjo, balalaika, sitar, ukulele, zither, bagpipes, piccolo,
clarinet, cornet, bugle alpenhorn, panpipe, tuning fork, metronome,
castanets, mixing console, woofers


senator, governor, representative, councilman(woman), congressman(woman)
tennis coach, detective, sleuth, trooper, musician, accompanist, instrumentalist,
concert pianist, maestro, conductor, composer, singer, architect, physician,
photographer, stage manager, usher, song-and-dance-man, painter, model,
designer, dinner guest, attorney, lawyer, judge, mayor, city council, therapist
school teacher, school principal, professor, orator, philosopher, psychologist
man, woman, teen, child, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister,
brother, uncle, aunt, son, daughter, in-laws, boy, girl, nurse, sibling, settler
pioneer, waiter, hostess, host, cashier, attendant, publisher, proof-reader
agent, witch. warlock, ghost, knight, prince, princess, maiden, fairy godmother


sky, forest, Heaven, Hell, earth, sun, stars, planets (names), outer space
town, village, city, country, farm, suburb, roads, streets, city blocks, zoo,
park, museum, cemetery, tunnels, caves, churches, temples, mosques,
supermarket, mall


petal, sepal, stamen, pine boughs,bud, branch, blossom, fruit, bloom
trees (maple, elm, oak, palm, baobab, mangrove, cyprus, pine, dogwood, alder)
flowers (rose, tulip, cyclamen, lily, carnations, etc.) wisteria, Venus's flytrap,
hoe, weeds, cotton plants, sugar canes, red palms, sego palms, queen palms,
fruits (apples, lemons, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, peach, tomato, bananas)
vegetables (artichokes, leeks, lettuce, eggplants, zucchini, squash, pumpkin,
cauliflower, cabbage, peppers, onions, elephant garlic)

*Small Things:

chalice, bijou, candelabra, menorah, curio, figurine,
music-box, objet d'art, trinket, trims, wind chimes
birdcage, birdbath, cans, wastebasket, urn, bucket
arrow, bow, sword, dart, epee, dagger, hatchet, pickax
popsicle stick, scented candle, dolls, toy train set
broom, mop, pail, vacuum cleaner, squeegee, caddy
telephone, pipe, paints, brushes, easel, canvas
trunk, hook, gun, glue, tissue (toilet, Kleenex)
paper towel, ropes, rubber, metal coils, toys
toy pail and shovel, dog leash, balloon, vases, planters
pen, pad, typewriter, computer, e-reader, laptop, I-Pad
netbook, stylus, pencil, desk, backpack, shoe-rack,
note-book, vellum, chalk, metal badge, saddle, spurs
research paper, roll book, guest book, cash machine
pots, pens, plates, dishes, forks, spoons, knives
plastic bags, freezer bags, samovar, weather vane

*Large Things:
trash bins, blackboard, furnace, Franklin stove, oven
potbelly stove, wood stove, range, water heater, bidet
large appliances (refrigerator, washer-dryer, dishwasher, freezer)
swing set, coffin, leaf piles, hay rolls
motors, dynamos

*Other Things
poison, venom, fire,


Viking ship, ferryboat, ocean liners, oars, sails, dinghy, yacht, canoe,
catamaran, gondola, fishing boat, battleship, air force carrier, clipper,
dhow, dory destroyer, flatboat, houseboat, galleon, frigate, hydrofoil,
junk, ketch, yawl, submarine, schooner, scow, flatbed truck, SUV,
moving van, caboose, freight train, bullet train, metro, subway, cart,
taxi, car, racing car, patrol car, beach buggy, dune buggy, dragster,
motorcycle, go-cart, limo, stretch limo, station wagon, stock car,
trolley, tram, bus, parachute, U-Haul, tractor trailer, golf cart, jeep,
Ticonderoga, town car, big rig, bulldozer, dump truck, steamroller,
jeep, tow truck, fire engine, police car, tank, locomotive,


ocean, oasis, sea, lake, salt lake, sea foam, waves, bubbles, current,
run-off water, underground water, water basin, bridge, harbor, pond,
wharf, pier, dock, port, shore, beach, sandbar, coast, river, brook,
rivulet, puddle, waterfall, cascades, canal, channel, stream, creek,
marsh, bog, swamp, bayou, estuary, whirlpool, eddy, geyser, well


monsoon, hurricane, typhoon, air, snow, rain, sleet, storm, hail,
blizzard, wind, breeze, gale, whirlwind, maelstrom, dust storm,
cloudburst, tornado, twister, clouds, fog, pea soup, floods, flash flood
acid rain, aftershocks, tremors, earthquakes, lightning avalanche,
eclipse, alpenglow, meteor shower, thunderbolt, tsunami, thunderhead
waterspout, smog
aneroid barometer, Fahrenheit thermometer, weather satellite
radiosonde, weather station, weather map

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