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My first experience with trying to teach Mickie how to drive. The story is funny.
Mickie learning to drive, she was in her twenties, she is polish. This is a true story!!!!

My first experience with trying to teach mickie how to drive was in pizza hut’s parking lot.

It was on a Friday afternoon and we just finished teaching a technical training class to the Marines. We had the rest of the afternoon off. We were doing a little bit of celebrating and the subject came up about Mickie wanting to learn how to drive. Mickie was our lesson plan typist, and we had taken her out to lunch with us. She said she had been trying to get her boyfriend to teach her how to drive. Rick, one of the other instructors spoke up and said he could teach her how to drive. He said he could teach her right here in the parking lot.

Well I am not sure how we got to rick’s car, but now we were standing around this Volkswagen. The Volkswagen was a stick shift and had a moon roof. Rick got in the car with Mickie and started explaining how to use the clutch with the gas pedal; he moved the car to the far end of the parking lot as he was explaining to Mickie how to drive. Mickie exchange places with Rick as he was explaining how to use the clutch and gas pedals. But he had forgot one crucial thing, how to use the brake. She said she was nervous with him in the car talking to her, so he exited the car. Mickie had the clutch depressed and was in first gear, Rick said give it some gas and slowly released the clutch. Mickie did what he requested, and the car jerk, and started moving forward.

We were in the back of the Pizza Hut’s parking lot at the furthest point away from anything she might run into, and the back part of the parking lot was empty.

I forgot one other point he missed telling her, how to steer the car. Rick just thought it was intuitive how to steer and use the brake, not with Mickie. The car was pointed towards the rear of the restaurant. We all stood, on looking how the driving lesson was progressing. Mickie look liked she had everything under control. She was moving closer to the building when rick called out, start turning. The Volkswagen continued towards the rear of Pizza hut building. The car was not turning away from the building and was not slowing down either. Rick called out stop the car and was now running after her; he was now running as fast as he was able to after the car. The car was now almost at the backdoor of the Pizza Hut restaurant. He was screaming, stop the car, stop the car as he was trying to catch up with her.

The Volkswagen was only twenty feet from the backdoor when he dove through the open sun roof and pull up on the emergency brake hard as possible. The car jerked to a stop and killed the engine. The car was only a few feet from the back door of the Pizza Hut restaurant. His feet were still sticking out of the sun roof when the car stopped. He could not see where the car had stopped. He slid the rest of the way into the car and sat up looking at the rear of the building that the car almost went through. The driving lesson was now over.

Mickie was undeterred and decided to hire a professional driving instructor. A few weeks later she was driving in a high school parking lot on a Saturday afternoon. The driving instructor felt this would give her a chance to drive without any distractions of other cars. She had been practicing driving in large right handed circles in the parking lot; he was now trying to teach her how to drive in the opposite direction. She told the instructor she was nervous with him in the car, and she felt she could do better with him watching her from outside of the car. She was doing OK, so he saw no problem with being outside of the car. He exited the car and Mickie started driving in the opposite direction.

The instructor was watching to see how she was doing. She seemed to have everything under control, so he thought he would let her do another lap. The car was now coming back to where he got out. Everything seem to be fine, the car was slowing down as it approached him.

He stepped aside and motions her to pass; as he did the car followed him. He started to move again away from the approaching car, again the car followed him. He tried one more time to move out of the way of the approaching car, but now the car was too close to him, so he tried to jump out of the way, but it was too late and the car struck him on the side and knocked him to the ground. She finally stopped the car; the instructor was now lying under the front bumper. She had dragged him a few feet until the car stopped.

He got up from under the car and asked Mickie, why did you keep following me and then hit me. She said she was trying to stop the car next to him but he kept moving. The instructor received numerous scratches and a broken leg.

Mickie has never learned how to drive a car till this day some 36 years later. I still laugh until tears run out of my eyes every time I tell the story about my friend, Mickie trying to learn how to drive a car, and then running over her driving instructor. You just had to know Mickey. I love her, she is such a likeable person, but she can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.

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