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In memorium of my friend and his family that were so viciously murdered.
Untouched memories at a stand still,
the rain violently falls, beating the window,
lost in confusion, the birds perch on the sill—
how could this be, it can’t be?
A friend request sent, it’ll be returned,
this is just a bad dream, I didn’t see
his happy face, a high school graduate,
happy family, unstained by mental illness.
the news is wrong, it isn’t too late
for this beautiful family and amends—
“It’s just a shame,” the woman sobs,
“they were such a nice family,” a neighbor tends
to our good memories, pictures for the world to see;
“a horror, gruesome scene, it made me sick,”
the thunder roars in the background, it can’t be—
he was my friend! Oh my God! Screams
shake the house, emptied by rage and sobs;
the rain on the streets floods and teems,
this isn’t a horrible dream—
my request will sit forever untouched,
the virtual papyrus unread it seems;
I wish I had apologized earlier,
my regrets and condolences,
mourning the absence of smiles and curls,
our chats about music, once carefree—
the orange Myspace man of our high school days,
the pictures of summers by the sea,
random pokes and memories gone.
But, I know you’re somewhere beautiful,
resting peacefully with a joyous song,
and forgiving me, healing all our pain,
you’ll be missed here on Earth;
nothing lasts forever, especially cold Winter rain.

Rest in peace Jim, Susan and Joe. We love you and will miss you dearly.
March 5, 2011

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