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Marion's last step to freedom from her father is stalled by a storm at sea. DFF 3/9 entry.
Marion drew aside the curtain only an inch and looked out the window. The sky was swiftly turning black. Thunder growled like an unhappy beast, as if it knew what she was planning, determined to keep her here, under her father’s influence. Had he called up this storm? He was powerful enough, but he didn’t know where she was.

She gazed beyond the rooftops of the seaside village down to the wharf. Masts rose toward the sky, empty of sail. Out beyond the ships, the sea roiled, its dark surface reflecting the anger above it. Her heart sank. She wouldn’t be going anywhere tonight.

Her gaze settled on the cobblestone street below. The villagers were hurrying indoors, the building wind whipping their cloaks behind them. A man in a fisherman’s cap crossed the street and ran up the steps of the house where she hid. She saw the red hair beneath the cap before he left her sight. Jesse was back. The sky released the rain and sent it pounding like a drum on the village.

Marion was out of the room and halfway down the stairs before he’d removed his cap or coat.

“Marion, Captain Bryson won’t risk sailing into this storm,” Jesse said. “The only way you could leave the kingdom tonight is to follow the coast until you reach Laedon.”

Marion shook her head. “I can’t go by land. The Guard is too good. By sea is my only choice.”

“You’re taking a big risk doing that.”


“Word of the reward for your capture has reached this place. I heard your description being passed around at the shipping office.”

Marion gasped. The fear that had become her companion intensified, tightening in her chest. “What do we do?”

“The only thing we can do. Wait and hide.”

word count:300
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