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Honesty,Accepting change and not be afraid of self.
"Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed." 1 Cor 15:51

Don't you see, we are lethal to ourselves upon waking up from the time we go to bed. We don't see the changes happening in us, all we do is pass judgement or listen to the judgement that we carry within us and continue to hear the damaged words and all we want to tell people is "Please listen without judgement!" For we are actually afraid to change, afraid for acceptance of ourselves, so we continue to reload on lethal source from within, no one would understand. We cannot look for anyone to make a change for us! Only we know its easy to blame or put a finger in a face of another, when it doesn't work out for us. Doesn't this sound right?

We look at our world today and we are messed up! Society is crying out for help in these troubled times, "Violence and Immoral Behavior" is overwhelming our society. Look at whats happening to Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan; they are two lethal example and I am sure there are many more of us out there thats ready to explode. Simply, whats most important to us today? Can we honestly answer ourselves at this moment? We are in disquise everyday, hiding from the truth of acceptance, afraid to give up control because we are unable to accept change, unable to accept others in our lives and more likely to strike out or lose patience when angry or afraid.

We defeat ourselves so often before we even do accept who we are. This knowledge I've learned in mine past and will never be forgotten and I will always use it..."We make ourselves good or We make ourselves bad, whether for better or worse, you control your life. The choice is yours, rather than wasting time being jealous of others, use that time to improve yourself." If we cannot be honest with ourselves and we continue to lie to ourselves, we want be going far in life, no matter who you are, life is only once.

In the beginning of my acceptance of Self, I've learned to be the Tiger Lady today. As the Tiger Lady I am to constantly strive to better myself. As the Tiger Lady I will remember the reality and circumstance of my life, are a reality that can be changed. As the Tiger Lady I've learned to walk my path in strength, coordination, and agility after a traumatic brain injury. As a Tiger Lady I advanced in Mental Development when given no other choice, I was capable in Acceptance of Self.
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