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by Abeyan
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Writing from looking at my kitchen tile this morning. Enjoy.
The resonating footsteps of a large grey wolfhound filled the space as it trotted cautiously along side the girl over the golden mosaic floor of the temple lobby. He was alert, focused on the task at hand, as he scanned the echoing space for signs of any other life. Quite a few times his large nose was driven to the floor as he inhaled for human scent, but was greeted only by a nose full of decaying grout that was securing the priceless tile in place. The disheveled tan fur on his long snout was covered with dust from repeating this the whole length of the lobby. They were nearing the end now, he could see something in the distance, which he supposed was the altar. They just had to make it that far, just to the altar.

The dog’s ears perked up as his head swung to the side. The girl had tripped. Her left foot had caught on a tile protruding from the ancient floor, and she had fallen onto her hands and knees. The girl stood and stared at her bare, bruised foot. A large gash now joined the others already consuming the slight toes, slicing the smallest nearly in half. The dog watched as the effete human stared at the toe, blood pooling on the floor. He glanced at the altar, shimmering in the distance and back at the girl, still poised, entranced by the blood. They needed to move. The dog softly nudged her leg. No response. He moved behind her and pushed at the back of her knee with his forehead. The girl looked back, blinked and began forward again, once more staring at the sequestered altar. The dog assumed his previous position at her side as they continued, now leaving a trail of red glistening blood to stain the precious golden floor.
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