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I felt like being creepy with this one. *smirk*
But Mommy!: short story

Summary: A little girl gets angry when her mother takes away her favorite toy. She tries to get it back. Sucky summary and maybe a little cliche, but it should be good ^-^
"Mommy!," Baily, a cute four year old, screamed from the top of her lungs as her stressed mother wrenched a raggedy brown teddy bear from her hands. After a long hard day of office work and a berating boss, the worn mother and wife couldn't take a night of her child repeatedly personifying a bear. She walked over to the fridge ignoring Baily's wails, and placed the thing on top of the fridge and out of reach. " But, Mommy!," she screamed again. The childs hazel eyes glistened with freshly shed tears and her small chubby fists wiped at them furiously. " Hush, Baily! Now Mommy needs some rest and Teddy will prevent that. You don't want Mommy to suffer do you?" This only caused Baily's cries to explode in a furious tantrum and she threw herself to the ground, pulling her soft brown curls and slapping herself to anger her mother.
      Giving up on conforting Baily, the woman huffed out of frustration and stepped over the child to go rest on the living room couch. Atleast there she would be surrounded with plush suede cushions.
      Baily sat up and glared after her mother. She than turned to stare longingly up at her teddy who slumped miserably against a box of Cheerio's. He looked at her. He was telling her to get him down, now!  Teddy wasn't happy. " Mommy! You must get Teddy down! He doesn't like heights." the toddler begged, clawing at the womans legs. She jerked back in pain. " Stop! I won't take any more of you disbehavior for much longer, Baily!" She stopped. "Fine!," the child spat. " I'll just let Teddy deal with you!" The woman stared down at her child silently. Baily had grown to attached to that shoddy old thing. She needed to get rid of it before her child developed some critcal mental problems.
    " That's it! He's going in the trash!," she exclaimed with finality, and stood up to do the deed. "No! Run Teddy! Hide!" Baily followed her Mom into the kitchen, making sure Teddy had heard her. The adult stopped in her tracks when she turned the corner into the kitchen. Baily peeked from behind her. The only thing that was on top of the refridgerator was a couple of boxes of cereal and a loaf of bread. Teddy wasn't. Baily smiled.
    " Where is he?" The Mother slowly growled the words from between gritted teeth. Baily just smiled innocently and shook her head frm side to side, sending her curls in dissaray. "I don't know where he went. I just told him to hide." Patience gone, She grabbed Baily by the shoulders and screamed. "Where did you put him, Baily!" Baily just kept smiling. " I'm not tall enough to get him down. He got down by himself, and now he's mad at you." She clucked her tongue. " I tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen, Mommy."
    The mother, fed up with child's play, strode past her daughter and began to look through the house. That stupid thing was still in the house and she'd find it. Baily couldn't hide things that well. Starting in the kitchen, she went though drawers and cabinets before moving to the living room and checking under the couch and coffee table. Baily follwed her as she moved through all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Not one place in the house was left unchecked and Teddy was still missing. "I give up!," she grumbled before collapsing back on the livingroom couch.
    After Baily was put to bed that night, The husband and wife snuggled close in their bed. Glad to to be at ease, the mother closed her eyes and breathed in the familiar cotton scent of her husband's night gown. Nothing could bother her now.
    When their room door slowly creaked open only seconds later, the mother squeezed her eyes shut and mumbled," Baily, go back to bed." No answer came and so she thought the child had obeyed. She groaned when she felt pressure being applied to the end of the bed. The mother scooted over to make room for the toddler in between she and her huband. The little thing squeezed in and pulled the covers up. "Goodnight Baily." she whispered. Baily didn't answer. The mom opened her eyes to see what was wrong.
      She stifled a scream, and, frozen in place from fear, starred wide eyed at Teddy who lay there smiling up at her.
Yes Lol i'm a freak!!! For some reaon I just wanted to write and this is what my mind conjured up. I know it was really predictable. but I was just having a little fun with the classics. Hahaha! I hope you enjoyed it!
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