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by jaya
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My endeavor to reach the peak.
Here I Am

Tall hills
seven in all
wonder and joy
hope and camaraderie
afloat on the gentle wind.

Here I am
poised to take
the upward trail
trees, thickets and
the verdant valley my mates.

Half way on
I stop to look down at
the valley green translucent
that smiles back and propels me
saying “go ahead to your destination.”

Steps above
clear and inviting
unable to resist the risk
I climb up the rest of the path
into a bright and beckoning future.

The pain of
the past turns
to pages of pleasure
as the last few paces allow
me a glimpse of the temple rising

in the twilight
glow enchanting.
A divine song of worship
welcomes me on the mountain high
folding a devotee into its soothing sweetness.

“Tall hills/ seven in all”- refers to seven hills and the famous Hindu temple at the top.
For the devotee who chooses to go on foot, there are four thousand steps, about eleven kilometers to cover before reaching the temple town named Tirumala situated in South India.

Awarded Second Place in the Coloring the World contest
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