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by TerryT
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My go at writting a short childrens story
George finds a Friend

Once there was a boy called George. He always played by himself. One day he decided that hide and seek wasn’t very fun to play just by himself. So he decided he needed a friend.

So he went to school to ask if anyone there would be his friend. But no one at school wanted to be friends with him. Then the teacher told him “to stop bothering the others as he was disrupting the lesson.”

So George went to the park to see if he could find a friend there. But all the boys and girls were still at school from before. There were only some older looking boys and girls with some suspicious looking drinks.

Next George went to the zoo to see if the animals would be his friends. Although the tigers looked like they might play hide and seek with him, they were Siberian Tigers so the language barrier would have been too much of a problem.

So George went home to ask his Mum if she would be his friend. But she was watching Deal or No Deal and just said “maybe later”, in that way she did when she wasn’t really listening.

It seemed no one wanted to be George’s friend. Suddenly he had an idea. He could imagine a friend. And not just one friend, he could have as many friends as he could ever possible imagine. So George and his two imaginary friends played hide and seek all afternoon. “This is more fun than before” said George. They all laughed, it was indeed a little bit more fun than before.

The End.
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