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Something I wrote to inspire myself and others who may be down on their luck.
There are times when the world seems to be full of nothing but darkness, evil, and suffering.
There are times when we feel pain so intense it threatens to tear our minds and souls apart.
There are times when we sink so deep into a pit of despair and weariness that hope appears to be a pinprick of light at the top of shaft we have no chance of scaling.

These are inevitable facts of life, as unavoidable as death itself. But those facts are what make life worth living. Those are the times that make us look this troubled world square in the eye and flatly refuse to let it consume us. There will always be disasters, psychopaths, and people who view life as just another expendable resource. Yet we will also always have heroes that step up to face the challenges set before them. As long as there is pestilence, there will be doctors working themselves into the ground to cure the sick. As long as there’s war, brave men and women will place themselves in the thick of the fight to help those devastated by the battle. As long as there’s famine, some will do all they can to alleviate the pangs of hunger. And as long as there’s death, there will be people with kind hearts who understand how much life is worth.

Never forget that. Never, even when it seems like every person you meet is full of hatred, greed, and ignorance. Don’t let their hatred warp and destroy who you are. Transform them instead, gently leading them to a better life through example. Become a beacon of caring, and other good people will flock to your light.

When the world is full of nothing but evil, carve yourself a place of decency from the clinging darkness.
When you feel pain, force it from your mind and plow a path towards happiness.
When you have sunk into a pit of despair, climb hand over hand to the top and don’t stop until you feel the fresh air of opportunity wafting against your face.

Let yourself be pushed the absolute limit, but don’t let this game of life break you. The only way you can lose is by refusing to play.

Mimic the phoenix, which immolates itself to emerge reborn from the flames, more radiant than before. Become who you know you can be, and let no one and nothing prevent your metamorphosis. That is what it means to be human: to face the enemies within and without, and overcome them through sheer force of will.

Every person is the author of their life story. How do you want your tale to be told?
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